Incomplete Hoboken road work

Driving residents nuts – Incomplete Hoboken Road Work

If you’re even half-awake, you’ll know that there are many spots in Hoboken with metal plates covering some kind of hole in the street.

Whether it’s some work to repair our (way out of warranty and one-foot in the grave) infrastructure – or other situation that requires these plates to prevent cars from finding a tunnel to the center of the earth – they’re all over the place.

However, Hoboken resident Alison isn’t too happy – especially with one on a highly-trafficked county road. What can she do?

Incomplete Hoboken road work disturbs residents - Incomplete Hoboken road work

Banging metal plate on Willow disturbing the peace in Hoboken

Loud noise from incomplete road work in Hoboken NJ - Incomplete Hoboken road work“I would like to report a noise very annoying for the neighborhood.

I live near 12th street and Willow Avenue, right at the corner few weeks ago the city set up metal plates. As soon as a car drives on it, a very loud sound occurs. It is very very very annoying, especially in the night. Everyone in the building is disturbed.

Is there any way the city could put something between the plate and the street in order to ease the noise? Or find out any solution?”

She measured the sound – which peaks out at over 90 decibels.

In her home, at night, when everyone is trying to sleep.

While this level of sound isn’t considered hazardous to health according to OSHA standards (you’d need two hours of this noise continuously in order for it to begin to be dangerous), I can imagine it disrupting the peace.

What would you do if you were Alison?

I’ll tell you this much – try living near some intersections on Washington Street. Those moon-surface streets combined with heavy construction haulers – exceeds 100db, and actually registers on the Richter scale. She might want to consider herself a bit lucky!

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Thursday, May 2, 2013 10:16 am

Dear complaintent,aka alision..first off I agree with a point.willow ave is county road.Make a call to the Jersey city mayors office,find the contcracters number voice your complaint..You made the mistake buying a condo or renting near the crossroads of a busy intersction in the town that many new comers calim has plates have been used before you knew there was a town called Hoboken..It is annoying to say the least but,a decble meter is the pitts..Your complaint is with the county and the contractor who hired them..It is a pain in the arse but get use to it.You forgot the storm sandy had much to do with the chaos last few months..did the plates annoy you then when you may have been without power? Be thankfull for small things and make a call to jersey you relocate for your in one mean busy area..your a trip aka decibel meter..Mayor healey will love to indulge you ..time takes time and give it a break..worst thruway you choose to reside in..good luck .. 😀

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