New Hoboken Traffic signals coming

Jackson St. Traffic Control a bust?

Not sure about anyone else – but this new traffic light at Jackson St. downtown doesn’t seem to do the trick, as drivers coming into Hoboken STILL block the outbound lanes, causing gridlock down to Madison Street and beyond.

Maybe it’s that bike lane on Jackson Street which squished two lanes into one?

Jackson Street Traffic light not helping in Hoboken NJ - New Hoboken Traffic signals coming

New Hoboken Traffic signals set to frustrate drivers

5/1/2013 Update:

Hoboken traffic jams coming due to new signal installations - New Hoboken Traffic signals comingInstead of proper urban planning decades ago – the solution to the obvious over-population? New Hoboken traffic signals to “solve the problem the city created!”

We already have massive traffic jams all over town, especially at rush hour and on weekends. Some places, the problem was caused by eliminating a lane of vehicular traffic, in order to make room for bike lanes. Now near Jackson & Newark Streets – instead of just removing the bike lane paint – let’s spend more property taxpayer dollars and install traffic lights (the new liberal buzz word for that is “traffic calming measure.”)

What we think it will do is exactly the opposite of “calm.” People, already frustrated from their hectic lives and government intervention are going to start beating the crap out of one another as “zone blockers” and other over-eager drivers will create grid-lock conditions, further amplifying the already war-zone like tension in these jammed areas.

The light at Jackson Street is expected to be done in a week or two. Not sure how long after it will take them to “program” the robotic traffic cop to (hopefully) be in sync with others nearby.

Additionally – the city plans a few more lights around, such as:

  • Harrison & Newark Streets
  • River & Newark Streets, and
  • Park Avenue & 16th Street (already installed – not activated yet)

At this point – people ought to carefully think about re-filling their gas tanks before they get back into town, as you might be here for a while coming in or going out!

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The reason why that bike lane is in the middle of the road at Jackson and Newark is because most bikers get killed when cars make a right hand turn without looking, So by putting the bike lane in the middle of the road the theory is that the biker will be more visible and will be in between cars turning left and right so he or she won’t get hit.

Instead of complaining about bike lanes and pedestrians, all of you drivers should encourage people to use bikes, because thats one less car on the road, the more people you convince the less traffic you will have. If Hoboken411 really wanted to make driving better in Hoboken they should run as much pro biking propanganda as they do anti zimmer propaganda.


This traffic light might improve inbound a little, but outbound will certainly get backed up since the right turn on red at Monroe will back things up to 5th Street on a daily basis. Too much.


I’m not sure about the other ones, but a traffic light at Jackson and Newark is absolutely needed and should greatly help the traffic backup that is currently there during rush hour. It certainly can’t get any worse.


Hoboken needs to have these signals coordinated and synced with an adaptive traffic control system. The Meadowlands Commission is installing such a system throughout the area, including large portions of Jersey City.


L.A. recently became the first major city to implement synced lights citywide. They said travel time improved by about 10%. With the crazy pedestrians we have in Hoboken, and a slower rate of travel, I doubt we’d see any improvement. [quote comment=”220614″]Hoboken needs to have these signals coordinated and synced with an adaptive traffic control system. The Meadowlands Commission is installing such a system throughout the area, including large portions of Jersey City.[/quote]