Hoboken Holiday Crafts Fair – Kar 5


Part 1 of the 10 part series of featured vendors for the upcoming Hoboken Holiday Crafts Fair starting December 2nd. Check back each weekday leading to the event to see a different participant.

Today’s spotlight is on Kari Auerbach, who runs KAR 5 Jewelry.

She says:

“My jewelry is distinctive, unique and for the bold and the beautiful in all of us. The process I use to create is informed as much by a sense of history as it is timelessness, as much by carving and craftsmanship as it is by collage.

I’ve been selling at this particular craft fair for 10+ years! Last year I created a keyring to celebrate that. It’s they key to Hoboken. I’ll be selling it at the show this year as well.”


kar 5 jewelry hoboken 1 - Hoboken Holiday Crafts Fair - Kar 5
kar 5 jewelry hoboken 2 - Hoboken Holiday Crafts Fair - Kar 5

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