Declining Hoboken garbage pickup?

Hoboken sidewalks are garbage war zones

Documenting the decline of Hoboken! Ask yourself who’s responsible for this obvious downtrend in the cleanliness of our streets and sidewalks.

Hoboken resident Scott sent in these pics from the area of Madison Street between 8th & 9th, and he entitled the email “Garbage, poop, ass and driftwood.”

Hoboken sidewalks littered with garbage and debris - Declining Hoboken garbage pickup?

Seriously – what is wrong with Hoboken trash pickup?

5/28/2013 Update:

Updating this Hoboken garbage pickup post from a few weeks ago.

Since we “contracted” out the trash pickup, and went to “single stream” service – our streets seem like they’re worse than ever. How does this stuff happen? Look at this odd collection of garbage I spotted the other day. I find it quite funny and sad at the same time.

In the photo below – you have:
streets are filthy due to poor Hoboken garbage pickup - Declining Hoboken garbage pickup?

  • Snotty napkins
  • Airline booze bottle
  • Petrified Honey
  • Pizza crust
  • Chapstick package
  • Receipt from Burlington Coat Factory
  • Dog shit
  • A ladies boot, and more.

Don’t you wish they exercised a little more care when hauling this stuff away?

Peculiar Hoboken Garbage Pickup - Declining Hoboken garbage pickup?

Letter: Hire back the city workers in Hoboken that actually cared

One resident sent Hoboken411 a message, saying:

“How come Hoboken can’t keep city sidewalks and streets like it used to be in 2008 were the snow or garbage was not a problem when you had employees who were loyal to the city or Hoboken and took pride in it not like today where you have to hire private companies for cardboard.

We had better leadership back then! I think the Mayor should try to contact former employees and see if they’d like to return to their job.”

Do you agree? Do these “outside” contractors even give a crap about the quality of life in Hoboken?

Has Hoboken garbage pickup gotten worse?


When you walk over 2,000 miles each year in Hoboken, you tend to pick up on various trends. That is of course, if one is observant, and not submerged in their digital social world on their smartphone.

One thing I’ve noticed quite often over the past few weeks – is how filthy Hoboken has become. In particular, just household garbage. And I’m wondering exactly what is to blame for this recent trend. Does it have anything to do with Hoboken garbage pickup? Has the quality of services provided from our contracted hauling companies gone down for some particular reason? Does it have to do with the “single stream” recycling?

For instance – almost every block has some broken glass. This isn’t good for dogs (or hippies that like walking barefoot.) And if the hauler is responsible for the breakage, shouldn’t they also be responsible for cleaning it up? Or do they just not give a hoot?

broken glass on Hoboken streets - Declining Hoboken garbage pickup?

Bags in trees everywhere in Hoboken!

This trend has definitely not been noticeable until this spring. Random plastic bags caught in trees. They’re everywhere! What do you think is causing this?

  • Slobs just throwing their bags on the street?
  • Sub-standard trash hauling?
  • Inferior garbage bags? Have you noticed how thin and weak they are these days? They don’t make anything good anymore.

As you can see from the photos I’ve taken all over town – it is happening for sure:

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Thursday, March 13, 2014 12:09 pm

Here is how the press release is going to go.

We have invested in numerous improvements to make our city Cleaner and greener. We are long run saving the City millions of dollars. This cost-effective solution does require some bending on the parts of our constituents. It won’t be long before the trash disintegrates on its own and with the cuts to the local animal shelters the cats will handle the rats. Crews having been placing cat food under cars to attract these cats. They have been working diligently, but we ask your cooperation in cutting down on use of paper products including newspapers. While this town does not have a muni network yet there is plenty access to papers without getting a delivery. My assistants are coming up with more ideas and we will soon launch a web site on how YOU can reduce your filthy garbage production The Shaded Tree Commission is also looking in to evergreen trees so the leaves that have not been picked up since the fall will not pose a problem. Look for a survey on our FB page of how you feel about each of our options.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 5:59 pm

while this admid was giving daneil bryant and juan mele 20-40 thousand dollar raises, they laid off approx 15 – 20 part time street sweepers there salarys were 10-12 thousand a year add up juan , daneil and 5 directors salaries and the part time emplyees still dont add up to them… from what i understand this city now house 6 part time street sweepers and a hand full of county workers and the person that said these outside companys dont care you are 100% right they could’nt give 2 shits about this city they just wanna get done , if you bring back all those part timers especially the one’s that live here you will see a very big difference… but that’s never going to happend because the coffee maker and computer blogger still need more raises….

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 9:10 pm

Loyal/local workers?
I can see your point, but in most places, Hoboken included, that have residency requirements for municipal employees, you will find towns that have huge entrenched voting based who vote themselves higher paychecks year after year at the expense of the rest of the taxpayers ( who can fault themselves for not voting as a bloc like the public employees). Think about it, for every Hoboken BOE employee, say a teacher aide, you have 3-5 family members who vote to approve the school budget, while most people in town don’t even know there is a vote happening.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:52 pm

>>who were loyal to the city or Hoboken and took pride in it<<

lol! I'll give you that it has definitely gotten worse, but lets not get crazy!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 4:22 pm

I’ve noticed it getting worse too. Maybe it’s just the increase in population?

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