Tremitiedi on the Hoboken budget


Richard Tremitiedi issues more information about his “Report to City Council” last month.

He sent a word document and told me:
“FYI – attached is bullet points of the meeting of Oct. 9th, which was chaired by the Mayor with the Chiefs and Department Heads in attendance. As we know, the budget has not been introduced yet. According to NJ guidelines, it should have been done in August. I believe that the same guidelines call for a 30 day review.

As you will note by the items discussed, in addition to any cuts that may be warranted after the proper review, the other course is to increase revenues. By the way, I find the 411 comments regarding the budget to be interesting and very informative.

After proper review and discussion, I am sure that specifics will be made public. Thanks again for your time and consideration.
Regards, Rich. Tremitiedi (Trem-I-tardi)”

Advisor to Mayor – October 17, 2007

richard-tremitiedi-hoboken-head-shot.jpgI would like to thank Mayor David Roberts for considering me to advise him on issues important to the residents and taxpayers of the City of Hoboken. As always, I am here to serve and I await the official opinion of the law department on my reported $1.00 salary.

In this regard, pursuant to the Mayor’s invitation, on October 9th, I met with his honor and all City Directors and the Police and Fire Chiefs in the Mayor’s conference room. This discourse lasted approximately.1-1/2 hours.

I explained to all present that I would use all of my 35 plus years of experience with planning, zoning, public safety, and local government finance to help with quality of life issues, and to give them input to help make the critical decisions linked to governmental planning and finance. All policy decisions are shaped by money – by the amount of money available and by any constrains put on its use; in short, prioritizing our budgetary needs.

A brief report of the discussion – Oct. 9th meeting follows:

  • Bonding for capital improvements –short term – long term borrowing strategies
  • Sale of City assets to pay as you go for major capital improvements
    (such as a new much needed police and fire complex(s) – new municipal garage
  • Federal and State Grants
  • Public and Private Partnerships
  • Planned Development with rewards to the community
  • The proper use of PILOT with developers – incentives – the duration of same
  • The sale of the municipal garage on Observer Highway
  • Health Benefit costs

I am currently meeting with Fire Chief Cassesa and will schedule a meeting with Police Chief LaBruno.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Tremitiedi, Retired Hoboken Fire Chief

See his original letter to 411 after the jump.


Former Fire Chief, recent council candidate and newly appointed “$1.00 per year advisor” Richard Tremitiedi asked Hoboken411 to re-publish the letter he sent in to the Hoboken Reporter this week. You asked, and I published. I wish the council candidates in this past election who “cried foul” did the same, when I gave everyone the opportunity to use 411 as a venue for their viewpoints.

He prefaced the letter with this note:

“Since the Budget for the City of Hoboken, Fiscal Year 2008 (which commenced 7/1/07) is expected to be introduced by the Mayor at the the Hoboken City Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007, City Hall, 94 Washington Street – Time: 7:00 PM…I feel that the attached letter to The Editor of the Hoboken Reporter which was published in the Nov.18th Edition would be of interest to the viewers of Hoboken 411. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Regards (and Peace!)

Rich Tremitiedi

By the way, after I sent the letter, I learned that the projected budget may be $87…”

Possible $86 million budget is very serious business!

richard-tremitiedi-hoboken-head-shot.jpgDear Editor,

I accepted Mayor David Robert’s appointment as an Advisor for $1.00 per year to provide advice and suggestions to help with financial planning and quality of life issues important to the taxpayers and residents of the City of Hoboken. At that time I was not aware that the 2008 fiscal year budget (yet to submitted) would rise to $86 million from the current budget of $78 million.

This revelation has fortified my commitment to use my 35 plus years of experience in planning, zoning, public safety and local government finance to attempt to steer the Mayor and City Council to make prudent budgetary modifications and then for the governing body to adopt a budget that assures the citizens that their tax dollars are being used wisely.

It is the Mayor’s duty to introduce the budget and for the City Council to make sure that the Business Administrator, Department and Division heads are submitting budget requests that are as cost effective as possible. With such an increase in this budget, this fully staffed council has a very difficult job ahead and it is my honor to work with them. I trust that they will listen attentively to all who participate in the process. By the way, congratulations to Councilperson Dawn Zimmer whose election victory has made the Council complete again.

I will be meeting with the Mayor, Department, Division heads and select Council Committee Chairs and coordinate my efforts with Mr. Maurice DeGennaro who is serving as an Evaluation and Efficiency Coordinator at $1.00 per year.

I urge all citizens to be concerned with the budget’s bottom line; the amount of money available with the constraints put on its use and what effect the change will have on our tax rate.


Richard Tremitiedi, Former Fire Chief
Member – State of New Jersey – Master Planning Advisory Council (Fire)
Former Member – Zoning Board of Adjustment – Weehawken, N. J.
Former Member – State of New Jersey – Local Government Advisory Board (DOP)

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[quote comment=”54590″]I note you wisely leave out the NAME of the pub. With this group you’d go broke.[/quote]
It was in keeping with the theme of ‘fiscal responsibility’.


[quote comment=”54657″]
The extension of patronage and non-necessary jobs is most prevalent in City Hall however. It has been a job creation factory. You are right, every position should be examined and
especially family members.[/quote]

Can’t we implement something similar to the anti-nepotism rule from the school board? If we could establish those kind of guidelines for City Hall, we’d certainly clear out much of the useless garbage that pillages our tax coffers on an annual basis…



Good suggestions on the salary freeze, consultants, and family members.

I am not opposed to a modest increase in salary for police patrolmen that actually walk the beat but a good number of captains should be offered packages to get their numbers down to pre-Santa for Mayor levels and the rest that remain should get no increase. It is the Chief and Captains that are primarily overpaid.

You will not see a major change in the fire and police departments until there is a new mayor and the current leadership is replaced, unless the City Council makes a stand and says enough is enough. But I suspect that they will concoct another round of developer friendly tax abatements to plug the holes.

Man, that silly goose Peter Cammarano is one Master Abater.

The extension of patronage and non-necessary jobs is most prevalent in City Hall however. It has been a job creation factory. You are right, every position should be examined and
especially family members.

[quote comment=”54635″]Of course the unions, not to mention developers, are trying to cut the best deal they can, they’ll rob us blind for their interests if they can, that’s their job.[/quote]

I don’t think that the union is trying to “rob us blind” – They are trying to protect their members’ jobs, salaries, pensions, benefits, etc.

Developers…now that’s a different story….amazing how much wealth the developers amassed over the last decade while Hoboken residents got ripped off. (No tax relief, flooding, etc.)


Good points FAP.