Hoboken waterfront still in peril?

Hoboken Waterfront being repaired near Hudson Tea

On the northern fringe of town, the Hoboken Waterfront still seems to need a lot of TLC. Over the past couple days – workers have been using power tools to chip away the concrete along the walkway near the Hudson Tea Building.

Seems like they’re either trying to figure out what’s wrong with it – or are in an active state of repair.

Either way – the area isn’t cordoned off to pedestrians, which leads one to believe that it’s been deemed safe. Hopefully we have no more collapses!

Hoboken Waterfront - Hudson Tea Walkway

Hoboken Waterfront - Is the Hudson Tea Walkway safe

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Ironstate Development is going to put a 13 story apartment building right in front of that Tea Building. On that small square piece of land that Lua used as its valet lot….Hmmm what happened to Lua, the sinking road was fixed a while ago


I believe the structural integrity of the entire waterfront is suspect. I see evidence of this all along the course of the promenade, various depressions and sections of pavers that have actually dropped thru the surface. There is a section on the northeast part of Pier A that have depressions highlighted by the city by placing safety cones for several months but nothing has been done to remedy the problem. Being an engineer myself I believe there are serious problems.

I can’t believe that the Engineering Co and Construction Co. That we’re responsible for this mess are not being held liable by our administration. Simply put this deterioration should not be happening 10 years after the promenade was built. There should be a full scale investigation by our elected officials…why is this not happening?


I always feel chumped when I see stuff like this.

I wonder which rigged bid contractor(s) is responsible for the fraud/incompetence that resulted in inappropriate materials and shoddy construction here.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the deal makers here live in ostentatious houses with foil wallpaper in the bathrooms and at least one statue in the foyer. All paid for by wealth transfer rather than value creation.