Chemtrail believers in Hoboken NJ

Unafraid: Chemtrail bumper stickers in Hoboken

Since we brought up the issues of Chemtrails this week on Hoboken411 – I figured I’d share this photo.

This car is often seen on the streets of Hoboken, and the owner is unafraid to express his opinions about chemtrails and geo-engineering. The bumper stickers read (in order left to right, top to bottom):

  • “Wild Weather”
  • “Artificial Clouds”
  • “Chemtrails Kill”
  • “Wake Up, Look Up, Stop Geo-engineering”
  • “Fear it, End it, U.N. Agenda 21,

Take a look at those websites they suggested for more information.

Chemtrail believer in Hoboken NJ car bumper stickers

(Oh, if anyone thinks this is my car – nope, I would never put a sticker of ANY kind on any car in my family. Not even a dealer sticker.)

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joey maxim
joey maxim

68 ohh chittt,now you tell me..give me a shout…


This past monday on US RT#81 in virginia about 100 west of DC the sky was full of vapor trails. As I use the road often this is not the first time that I have seen the sky in that area loaded with these trails. Is there some sort of secret space port for alien craft in that area? Or maybe the government has a area # 52 base there?


10 bucks says he’s on a watch list of some kind.