Hoboken Photo Leftovers for April 20th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: April 20, 2013

What Hoboken photo leftovers made the cut this week?

Hoboken Photo Remains April 20 2013 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers for April 20th

In the photo gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Spring has finally arrived! At least judging from the beautiful blooming trees over at Elysian Park!
  • Photo 2: McDonald’s finally re-opens at 3rd & Washington. The stream of customers was steadier than if they were handing out free heroin. Area doctors rejoice with the promising outlook of new patients.
  • Photo 3: Hoboken Elks Lodge No. 74. Don’t forget the big 125th Anniversary next weekend, and the historical tour today!
  • Photo 4: Hoboken Police Station. A temporary “HQ” set up next door. It was revealed that for the past 20 years, officers and visitors alike were breathing asbestos.
  • Photos 5-7: The demolition of Park on Park continues to pave way for the new Park and Garden Hoboken high-end condo. Fascinating to see the industrial machines at work.
  • Photo 8: Can you go a day without coffee or espresso? Hard to do when good places like Red Lion Coffee uptown exist!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Hoboken!

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