Apps like Crime City devolving society?

Does your child play “Crime City” on his tablet or phone?

child playing with real gun - Apps like Crime City devolving society?A couple sensible parents in Hoboken passed on some info about the types of “apps” that are circulating on various platforms. One of them is called Crime City.

The concept is to “earn” money by playing the role of a mobster / crime boss. You build up money and material goods, real estate property and shady back room business by hurting and killing other innocent people.

Mark said: “I caught my son playing this game on his iPad and immediately took it away from him. This is popular with some children, and they see no moral issues with fantasizing about inflicting pain on others. I have to be more diligent in monitoring what is available these days.

While it is was ultimately my responsibility, I can’t even imagine people over 18 (or any age) getting enjoyment of crimes in a semi-real like setting. It may be a cartoon, but it’s not “monsters or aliens.” It’s depicting real life. What kind of sick society are we in that even produces options like this?”

I agree – and think that the fact games like these are successful and people spend money on them proves that our society has indeed passed the tipping point of decline.

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