Hoboken “Damage Control”


Meet new Public Safety Director “Chief Bill Bergin”.


A Hoboken411 reader sent this note in about the appointment of the new Public Safety Director post:

“Dear Hoboken 411,

Under the Law Any retired municipal worker collecting a Pension can’t earn more than 15K a year from the municipality they earned their pension in.
If Roberts was serious he’d appoint a retired Police Chief from another city or ask for recommendations from the DCA.

This is just a smokescreen.”

–Concerned taxpayer


Mayor Roberts will announce a new job in Hoboken today to oversee the HPD and HFD.

Charles Hack, from the Jersey Journal reported:

hoboken-police-hooters.jpg“Hoboken Mayor David Roberts is scheduled to announce the creation of a new public safety director post at 1 this afternoon in the wake of new revelations about his cops’ trip south to help out after Hurricane Katrina.

Retired Deputy Fire Chief and curator of the city’s fire museum Bill Bergin will be named to the $27,000-a-year full-time post to oversee the city’s investigation into allegations contained in a lawsuit by five Hoboken Police Officers that one of the department’s lieutenants is an “unabashed white supremacist” and ordered four of the plaintiffs to work on in his Verona house during police time, city spokesman Bill Campbell told The Jersey Journal.

Bergin will be over Police Chief Carmen LaBruno and Fire Chief John Cassesa, Campbell said.

The lawsuit was filed last month. Just yesterday, new pictures and video released to the media show the officer at the center of the scandal, Lt. Angelo Andriani, posing with Hooters girls holding heavy weaponry in front of SWAT vehicles while in Alabama on the way back from the Katrina relief trip.

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Tama Murden

Still so curious about who produced the “implicating” photos…. Does anyone have info.?

The producer may need to be immediately placed in the witness-protection program. Or perhaps can get a temp-job at the upstate NY ski-shop where Bobby J. worked when he was hiding out, post-ratting-out, before the slammer.

And where is Carmen LaBruno, vis a vis this travesty?

From the video, it would seem that “Chief Bergin” will oversee both Casessa (sp.?) & LaBruno. Even more reason to weigh-in at the next Council Meeting. Otherwise, Hoboken will just be ratcheting-up the stooge-factor.

Your tax dollars at work, folks….


Apparently Roberts will also be presenting his budget on Wed night – perfect timing when most won’t be around. I plan on being there. Who else will be?

Tama Murden

Having just watched the black comedy video of “Chief Bergin,” I’d encourage anyone w/any interest in this issue to attend this Weds.’ Council meeting & weigh in.

In typical Hoboken fashion, Council confirmation for hiring this man & outlining his scope of work, happens at a time when many residents will be away for a holiday. (A Hoboken Classic.)

How about a genuine job search? Isn’t that also required by law?

OMG!! That might result in a genuinely qualified individual—as opposed to some hack-schmo-gloss-over-Roberts’toady—who might actually nix the HPD detritus we taxpayers subsidize.

What a concept!

Tama Murden

Forgive me, please, if this question reflects not reading through the entire thread….

Who provided these damning pictures? I can only imagine that person will be forever looking over his/her shoulder…. (omerta, etc.)

And I thank them for the Hooters bust. (Pun intended.)

In the hopes that perhaps now, something will be done about the long-standing disgustingness that trades as the HPD.


It is amazing that the great blue wall of silence that usually protects the very few Police who cut up occasionally,( here from any criticism) has been broken through by ONE racist, and the antics of a very few!