Block 126 cleanup in Hoboken

Old building gone – new one on the way at Block 126 in Hoboken

Continuing the historical photo documentation of the old Park on Park site uptown on 15th Street (formally known as “Block 126.”)

Cleanup on Block 126 in Hoboken NJ - Block 126 cleanup in Hoboken

Uptown Hoboken feels “open,” (but only for a short time!)

Week after week – the precision cleanup at 1415 Park Ave. has been nothing but an amazing sight to see.

These machine operators have been quite skilled. For a while they were picking pieces of rebar out of the rubble like a fine violinist playing a classical masterpiece. Astounding these large devices have such deft capabilities.

It’s hard for me to be organized with my bare hands, and these guys make order with 10 ton monsters. Envious I am.

Can’t wait to see the new Park and Garden Hoboken get constructed as well.

However, as large buildings get taken down, the “new landscape” in this area should be enjoyed for the time being. As uptown Hoboken won’t feel so “open” for much longer.

Can you imagine traveling out of Hoboken last year this time to come driving into town upon your return? You wouldn’t recognize your former neighborhood, the transition is that dramatic.

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