Do cops kill doughnuts? Really?

Where is this cops kill doughnuts sign in Hoboken?

Besides this being a one of the regular Hoboken where is this? entries, it brings up a valid question. As you can see, a “creative” individual parodied Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a “Cops Kill Doughnuts” message. This is obviously riding on the long-time myth that all cops are lazy, and are always seen in a donut shop somewhere wasting time.

For at least a few generations, the same tired message has been repeated over and over – that all cops are lazy, and are constantly eating donuts. Now cops for the most part have that message tattooed on them. Why?

  • Do you expect cops to work an entire shift without eating or grabbing a coffee?
  • Do you do the same at your job?

Either way – I think it’s time everyone toss that bad rap you quite subconsciously have on people and a profession you likely know very little about.

You know where this ridiculous sticker is?

Cops Kill Doughnuts sticker in Hoboken NJ - Do cops kill doughnuts? Really?

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