Busted Hoboken Roads

Hoboken roads are torn up regularly

The streets in Hoboken are a sad state of affairs. There seems to be a full-out assault on Hoboken roads coming from all directions.

Whether it’s water main breaks, residential construction (like removing tanks or connecting to public utilities), PSE&G upgrades, or just plain lack of upkeep due to incompetence at city hall – it’s hard to find a single stretch of pavement that doesn’t pummel your kidneys like Mike Tyson on a speed bag. Sucks, quite honestly. Travel to any other area blindfolded, and you’ll know when you’ve arrived back in Hoboken. Almost a trademark feeling at this point. Someone should patent it.

What can be done about it?

Hoboken roads ripped up regularly

Who should pay for upkeep of Hoboken roads?

Obviously, the myriad of contributing factors to the overall poor conditions of our roads might be hard to manage, right? Since there’s always something going on – it might just be hard to keep track of.

And since we get limited funding from outside sources to pave the roads each year (usually around $500k), only a few streets are done at a time.

Who is ultimately responsible? Is it the city – regardless of what lies underneath the pavement? Or what the reason was?

I can understand if it’s accidental, then whatever utility is responsible for fixing (the main, pipe, etc.) probably shouldn’t be expected to do more other than leave it the way they found it, right?

What if it’s planned? Like a new building? Should they also just patch it up? Or more?

Because once a road has multiple holes dug and re-paved, it is no longer smooth. The changing seasons and constant traffic eventually turns them into bad bumps or potholes.

Suggestion: Not much we can do about accidents. But there has to be a way to get more into the annual “paving fund.” I suggest that any and all voluntary road digging should come with a fee equivalent to how much it costs to re-pave the entire street (by square footage).

Let’s say a road costs $100k per block which is around 6,500 square feet of pavement. Maybe we should charge all voluntary street diggers $15 a square foot ON TOP of requiring that they fix the hole? That money can then go into the annual paving budget. Perhaps we can squeeze an extra block or two out of it each year?

Do you have a solution for these craptastic Hoboken roads?

Hoboken roads torn up daily

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Start with Wash. St. mess – real big stuff issue…this is our main drag – Action!


Apparently the City already has the right to demand a deposit that would assure that the road is properly repaved upon completion of whatever work caused the street to be opened.
Copy and paste the following link:


If this isn’t being done, then you can actually blame the mayor for yet again failing the residents.


I wonder if there are special permits needed to open roads and who inspects it? When I watched the last counsel meeting about all the water main breaks on Willow No could answer who from the city was there to over see the work. ( Gotta love Our mayor on that one )

Hoboken411 any thoughts on this. 💡