Is your Verizon box beeping?

Fickle FiOS Fix for Verizon Box Beeping

How to stop verizon box beeping in Hoboken NJThere are thousands of Verizon FiOS customers in Hoboken, and I’d suspect that 99% of them are happy with the services, whether it’s for television, internet (even “phone” for those that still use those wacky old-school gadgets). One this we all have in common, is that big ugly white box that they need to bring into your apartment. It may be a pain, but it’s worth it for the reliable service. But what do you do when all of a sudden you’re annoyed daily with the Verizon box beeping incessantly?

That beeping indicates that the “backup battery” has worn out and can no longer handle a charge. There are two ways you can stop the beeping.

The first way I recommend anyway, which is simply unplugging the box, opening it up and removing the battery. Put the battery back and plug it back in again. The beeping will go away for between one to four weeks.

The next step should happen immediately. Order a replacement battery. Yep – Verizon considers it a consumable, and will charge you $50 or more if you order from them.

Best solution? Simply just order a 3rd party OEM replacement for under $20. I got mine in three days, and works like a charm. Saved you over $30!

End of the Verizon box beeping!

Verizon Box beeping FIOS battery replacement Hoboken NJ

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Thanks for the reminder. Been putting it off for weeks.