Santeria sacrifice in Hoboken?


Warning: graphic pictures.

I’ve heard stories about animal offerings taking place in the streets of Hoboken.

Today, over at 13th & Madison St., a decapitated chicken lies in a pool of it’s own blood (and next to it’s head). The feet were bound.

Was this missed opportunity for a delicious chicken sandwich a Santería ritual?

See closeup shots after the jump (warning: bloody and gross to some)



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Wile E. coyote?


If you follow the old train tracks to the very rear of the photograph to the base of the viaduct and hang a sharp left and go up the hill about 50 yards there’s a good chance you can see Carlo’s tarp and camp (or what’s left of it). He used to be into all kinds of crazy Santeria stuff. He was from the DR. He’d tell you that he could possess the bodies of goats and chickens. Of course that was after an hour on the pipe and about a gallon of wine, so you’ve got to take that into account as well. Nice enough guy, though. Never robbed so far as I know. Had a little lady in Union City or something who’d get him showered a sobered up for about 48 hours a month.


When we find out who’s responsible, let’s get a live chicken look-alike, smear some red dye around its neck and place the live chicken inside their apartment.


I see that bird and cannot help but think … what a waste. That could have made a nice kettle of soup, no? Coq au vin? Beer can chicken? Now why’s a back-alley nutjob gotta go waste good food like that. If ya kill it, at least have the decency to eat it. That’s like a hunter who takes only the antlers … sigh 😕


[quote comment=”53671″]Jeeze, lay off the Taco Van already. Those ladies were sweet and damn, that was a tasty taco. And yes, I’ve eaten from similar places while being a mission volunteer in Mexico. Some of the best damn food you’ll ever eat. Maybe buying a few tacos from a rusty van is unconventional, but I miss it.[/quote]

It’s not going to be the sweet little old ladies from the taco van that did this – if you notice the pictures above show a dead chicken – their chicken burritos don’t contain chicken – it’s more like a medley of various street meats…….

I still feel that we need to launch a thorough investigation into where the Taco Van went – those poor guys at the car wash must be starving.