Baby Curfew in Hoboken?

Need Baby Curfew! Parents bring infants to romantic restaurants!

So we’ve already talked about babies at bars, and the real need for some businesses to consider a baby curfew in Hoboken. In fact, one Hoboken business instituted that policy at a sister location in New York. But apparently here in this town, that isn’t going to happen.

But it’s getting worse. Now parents bring their crying babies to what are supposed to be “romantic” BYOB restaurants, like the cozy Italian San Giuseppe’s uptown. Nothing worse than trying to have a sweet personal conversation with your wife or girlfriend with some wailing ball of flesh just inches away. And with your luck, this kid probably has some bad flu virus or something. Sick slobbering babies don’t know how to “cover their mouths” when coughing, do they? So why bring them out?

Take a look at them – goblets filled with wine, while they casually over-stay their welcome despite the “disturbing of the peace” from that “Mobile DNA.” Worst thing is, that these business owners, knowing full well that they should “say something” to the entitled parents, but fear for their economic well-being, because the parents would most likely be vengeful, and tell all their friends how “rude” the restaurant was. Bottom line is they feel like the world revolves around them.

What ever happened to common courtesy and sensible consideration of others?

poor etiquette bringing babies to romantic restaurants in Hoboken NJ

Some parents think boozing with babies is A-OK!

4/13/2013 Update:

Babies at strip barsSince we shared the Baby Curfew concept that some bars in Brooklyn have actually begun instituting – it obviously hasn’t sat well with some Hoboken parents.

While the opinion about whether it’s OK to bring your children wherever you deem appropriate has been mixed amongst residents, some folks are hell bent on defending their position to booze with the babies.

In this case, take Nicole Yorio Jurick, who contributes to a local Hoboken Parents group – was profoundly offended by the Hoboken411 conversation we started about whether bars are places where infants and toddlers should “hang out.”

Nicole was so pissed off because she felt we referred to kids as accessories. While we didn’t actually say that directly, it set her off nonetheless. And she stood on her pedestal to defend her right to be an alcoholic drink whenever and wherever she wanted with child in tow. Whether this has to do with expensive baby sitters or handling addiction problems remains to be seen.

Funny thing is – we helped promote Nicole’s baby cooking class project Babies for Peas last week (which is (no surprise) also BYOB in case you didn’t know) without even a thank you either.

Defending the right to bring babies to bars

“I always find it so ironic that the people quickest to criticize parents are those who aren’t parents themselves. Especially irritating is the recent post on Hoboken411 written by a childless guy who mocked parents who also have social lives and implied that bars in this town should set a curfew for children—or as he calls them: “accessories.”

I’ve been in Hoboken ever since I was a 22-year-old college graduate who lived off of $1 beer specials. Now, as a 30-year-old mom, I’ve brought my son out to dinner in his stroller, breastfed at the beer garden, and sipped wine at Turtle Club while simultaneously feeding my son Cheerios in his high chair. The beauty of this town is that it offers something for both life stages.

babies at bars should a curfew be institutedBecoming a parent in Hoboken doesn’t mean giving up your social life. I am grateful for the restaurant and bars that keep it that way—the hostess who makes room for five strollers, the waitresses who bring over extra bread for the babies, and the bar owners who don’t blink an eye when a group of moms and tots walk in at 4 p.m. The last I checked, no mom was trying to push a stroller into Pourhouse at 10 p.m. My child doesn’t “drive me to drink” as some commenters suggested. I don’t share my wine in his sippy cup. Nor do I drink more than I did before I had a child. I can’t. I am responsible for a human being who wakes me up at 6 a.m., no matter how much I drank the night before.

And he’s certainly not an accessory. I can’t throw him in my closet when I’m done with him. The only way he’s ever accessorized my outfit was puking on my shirt or drooling on my shoulder.

Like it or not, moms help keep Hoboken’s economy buzzing—by starting businesses, bringing storefronts into town, and yes, spending money at bars and restaurants. No child will always be perfectly behaved—I mean, they’re children. But is a child at the beer garden on a Saturday afternoon really more irritating than the drunks who get in street fights at 2 a.m.? Are the children sitting next to you at a late dinner really more disturbing than Saturday morning sidewalk puke puddles?

My advice to the writers and commenters from Hoboken411 is this: Next time a child is sitting next to you, instead of criticizing, lean closer to their high chair and listen to what their parents are trying to teach their children by bringing them out—likely lessons of good manners and respect for the people around you.”

At what point do baby curfews in Hoboken make sense?


Baby curfew in Hoboken NJA decade ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. However, now that parents have decided to keep their accessories children in town for a few more years, it seems like we’ve hit a crucial tipping point.

In my honest opinion, this whole “debate” is nonsensical. Any right-minded parent wouldn’t think twice about dragging their child to venue where you’d drink and get loud & boisterous with your cohorts.

However, and I say this generally, *today’s parents* obviously have a new rule book they live by, and their accessories children now go wherever they go, regardless of whether it’s prudent or not!

Now what you have is an old-school battle between entitlement” vs. “sensibility.”

Believe it or not, at some point in our history, having a child meant the end of debauchery and reckless endangerment. The child became your sole priority, and that meant curtailing your “single” lifestyle and moronic behavior, and becoming a true parent.

However, in today’s times it appears that the child is nowhere near the priority it used to be. Now, junior can go wherever your whims take you, including the bar during happy hour (regardless of how late that may be considering what has been happening here in Hoboken…)

Baby Curfew Hoboken NJ Trinity Bar

Last call for babies at Brooklyn Bars

Delish wrote a story last month about some bars in Brooklyn, including Radegast (owned by the same people as Pilsener Haus here in Hoboken) who started Baby Curfews. The curfews are now being tested in the 7pm and 8pm time frame.

Other bars in New York even have a 4pm Baby Curfew.

10 years ago in Hoboken this would not be tolerated by either bar patrons or owners. But now that the new mommy & daddy stroller population has skyrocketed, it seems that these new parents might even have some kind of “voting majority” in terms of dollars floating into various establishments in Hoboken. That alone may sway how business owners tolerate the “inconvenience” from other customers.

You know how it goes right? Either “majority rules,” or “those who pay the bills, make the rules.”

I personally think the days of a baby-free bar or restaurant are done here in Hoboken. For the time being, the wealthy parents of “perfect babies” and $2000 strollers are on a power-surge. That will remain until “SHTF!” (which will happen in our lifetime, and more likely this decade.)

And when stuff around here is not like it used to be, at least you can be depressed and scared in a bar void of the screaming infant if that means anything.

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TX AZ had Dora the Explorer showing on one of their flat screens tonight. Sort of reminds me of how kid-friendly the ski-town establishments tend to be for apres, etc.


I can feel your energy from 2 tables away…


Is the baby in that photo crying? If not, then what’s the problem?

If he is, then the parents should quiet him down. He’s most likely making less noise than then annoying drunks at most restaurants.


Yeah, sleeping babies are never known to suddenly wake up and start wailing at the top of their tiny lungs for no reason whatsoever.

And ambience, something a restaurant will try very hard to establish and maintain, can quickly be restored after being repeatedly broken, especially when there’s an expectation it will be broken again real soon.

[quote comment=”221980″]Is the baby in that photo crying? If not, then what’s the problem?If he is, then the parents should quiet him down. He’s most likely making less noise than then annoying drunks at most restaurants.[/quote]


There are lots of forms of gauche behavior. Removing yourself, voting with your feet is the best way to handle it I believe.

I once saw a distinguished looking gentleman at a now defunct local restaurant where the entire place was filled with carriages – apparently some sort of mommy meet up. I noted that he seemed out of place and wanted to address him but kept to myself as he was reading. As I delved into my own materials, he turned to me and said “how did they let you in here with out a baby?”. I had a good laugh and great conversation, then left to find a quieter place.

Having a sign that says KIDS Night is useful so one does not have to be disturbed if expecting a quiet or romantic meal. BTW, I have not seen children at some of the restaurants where reservations are required.

I know this will be viewed as a “no, my baby is an angel” post, but it’s not. I have a 3 1/2 year old and my wife and I have taken him to restaurants and bars at various times. We go to a restaurant but never stay “too” late… 8 pm is the latest. As an earlier poster said, if my boy misbehaves even a touch, we go home. On the contrary, he usually charms the pants off the servers, and we end up eating too much and staying too late. We never go to “nice / romantic” places with him. We do the beer garden, johnny pepperonis, malibu diner, coach house, and tilted kilt. if the wife and I want a nice meal like grown ups, we’ll leave him at home and go to 10th and Willow or somewhere else… As for bars – he’s been to Beer Garden and DC’s during the daytime, and when other friends are there – but is always supervised, and the moment the regular drinkers start showing up for pool or happy hour, we split. As with everything, it’s not about the kids per say, it’s about the parenting. If people are crappy parents they don’t care about those around them, and teach their children the same message…. My son is constantly complimented on his manners when we go out, and we haven’t had to leave a place in about a year and a half because he was being noisy or disruptive…