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Back in October, the Mayor had sought out a couple Hoboken residents to be “dollar a year advisors”. Maurice “Mo” DeGennaro was one of them, and had immediately submitted the following letter to the Mayor and City Council.

What do you think of his ideas & suggestions as “Evaluation and Efficiency Coordinator”?

“Dear Honorable Mayor and City Council Members,

I would like to thank the Mayor and the Council for accepting my appointment as the new Evaluation and Efficiency Coordinator. I appreciate that the Council and Mayor are listening to volunteers to streamline the city government. The purpose of this appointment, specifically, is to give my time for $1 per year so that we can legally be part of the payroll, in order to make recommendations and enhance the government. Our purpose is not to snoop, go into personal files, or upset the workings of the government; however, we must make decisions and recommendations to streamline the costs of the city.

hoboken-horse.jpgI personally will work and pursue any objective from the Mayor, City Council members, or interested, sincere citizens. If someone can show me an area where a change would be beneficial, I will pursue the matter. I have offered to be on the negotiations committee because some of the politicians are always concerned about votes instead of acting on the basis of a corporate CEO.

We have embarked on several areas and we submit the following recommendations to the Mayor and Council for their considerations: appointing advisory volunteers, the palm print system, amendments to health insurance for couples, the municipal garage, and the city police horses.

It is my recommendation that the Mayor appoint advisory volunteers to advise and help the sub-committees of the council. I have spoken to and recommend Mr. Ahmed Hany, a real estate advisor and a person who has offered to serve on a committee to the council and Mayor in various ways to bring income to the city. Also recommended is Miss Helen Hirsch, who had a background in organizational market research and has been an activist and business woman for many years, as well as Mr. Robert DuVal, who has a background in law and would like to be an advisor on various committees. These people have all volunteered and said they will accept an appointment to try and serve the city on a volunteer basis so that we can work together to make a difference.”

Read the rest of his ideas after the jump.

“Next, I recommended at the previous council meeting and have coordinated with Richard England, Business Administrator, to implement the palm print time clock for City Hall. This will automatically assist and cut back a lot of work on the part of our payroll department and will be more efficient, as it is all computerized, to track our employees and for the city to get a fair shake on its personnel. We will start with city hall as the first site and upon successful implementation, will extend to the Municipal garage, Recreation center, and various other departments within the city.

I had suggested the implementation of this system several years ago, upon finding that the Port Authority has implemented it. I recently found out that the Hoboken Police Department, through Chief LaBruno’s efforts, has had this system for approximately four years. Richard England has shown much cooperation and assertiveness on this subject. I am also requesting that the City Council adopt a resolution to ask the Board of Education to implement this system as well.

Also, the Mayor has advised me of the health insurance situation in City Hall; finding that 42 people who are married and both spouses are working for the city, are collecting separate health insurance benefits. What this means to us, is that the City of Hoboken is paying for 21 health insurance policies unnecessarily.

My recommendation is that the city adds an addendum to the employees’ contracts that would request that these couples give up one of their policies, assuring them in writing and contractually, that in the event of an emergency or change in lifestyle, they will retain the same amount of benefits as they had before. This request, if fulfilled, could save the city literally thousands and thousands of dollars a year, while still leaving families fully covered in terms of healthcare.

I would like to assure everyone that by doing this, we would not be trying to relinquish coverage for these families, but instead, to bundle it into one policy and lower the costs for the city. It is my belief, that truly, sincere workers for the City of Hoboken should be glad to serve their town and save city money, as well as cutting down on duplications of benefits they are not allowed to collect.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Theresa LaBruno and to be the first husband and wife, as Councilwoman and Deputy Chief Fire Department to relinquish one of their policies so that the city can save thousands per year, while still keeping their family fully covered with health insurance.

Further, we have all heard about the criticism pertaining to the garage and that it is costing us $100,000 a month to carry this. I am making a recommendation that the city, who advertised in various papers, that even though the developers get a DODGE report, send letters to all developers in the tri-state area. For 41 cents an envelope, we can get their attention on a request for proposal being offered for the city garage.

I am recommending this so that the city can get extra attention by companies, that we would not normally get and so that we may be able to bring in the needed amount for the Municipal garage. I think that the city should also reconsider height as Jersey City has on its borderline, like Observer Highway, they are allowing higher high-rise buildings and that the present requisite of nine stories 240 units may not be profitable enough for the city. I urge the suggestion of the letters being mail and consideration of height because if the numbers do not jive, we are not going to get a good response. You cannot take 3 from 2, it does not work.

Lastly, in the past, the city had received two horses through a grant from the state, for several years , however, it is now the responsibility of the tax payers to pay for housing, veterinary care, and police officers for care and services for the horses. While it is very nice to have the horses for public relations and show, one of the recommendations I submit is, since, we loan them out to various cities and we are paying the cost, is to get the county to adopt the costs. I have asked the county to adopt the horses and pick up the cost and be able to lend them to 12 cities in the county for their public relations and various functions (parades, crowd control, riot control, etc.)

I have spoken to Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, who would consider a resolution for the county to adopt this suggestion, as long as, there was no flack and the consensus was to do this. I personally would rather see a stable provided by the county where the horses can be loaned out and taken care of and two stable boys could take care of the horses instead of two police officers and the Hoboken residents picking up the costs for the horses.

In the future, we will be providing new ideas and suggestions as per cutting the payroll through eliminating the duplication of services provided by the state, and by asking employees, who are of the retirement age or older, to consider taking their retirement. This would include them taking their pensions and social security from the state, as well as their healthcare for the duration of their life, and leaving their positions. For those employees, who truly wish to continue serving their city, we can hire them back with a lower salary or a stipend, so that they may continue to serve the city, while keeping the same amount of income. This would allow these employees to continue to collect the same amount of income, or near the same amount of income, while allowing someone else to foot the bill, saving the City of Hoboken money.

In finalizing this first letter of recommendations, I am happy that the Mayor has asked the directors and various departments to help, cooperate, and respect his appointment of this position. I also congratulate Richard Tremitiedi, former fire chief, on being appointed by the Mayor and that the Council Members were also advised to cooperate with and help him. I feel that is a progressive action taken by the Mayor.

Respectfully submitted, anticipating your favorable reply and thanking you for your help and consideration.

I Remain,

Maurice DeGennaro

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[quote comment=”53695″]It’s pretty obvious that this appointment was a political move to get Mo off the Mayor’s back. If you really wanted citizen advisors to look at the budget and make recommendations wouldn’t you give a shout out to the Hoboken brainpower that exists in this community and make the best possible choice? I don’t know Mo’s background. Maybe he is the best possible choice for this job. I know one thing, he is loud. If he is actually successful in getting just a couple of these recommendations pushed through I am totally willing to overlook his writing abilities, his mannerisms, and even his salutations. Adding Helen Hirsch to the equation. Whew! Helen also has good things to say but she is all over the place. They need to take these few suggestions they have already made and work on JUST THESE FEW before moving on with anything else. Take the masterplan. Tons of suggestions for building a better Hoboken and we spent a hell of a lot more than $1 and yet the suggestions are routinely ignored. You go, Mo. Do your thing but don’t get in over your head. Just take these few simple suggestions and make sure you are heard and changes are made.[/quote] Get the loud mouth to shut up has been done many times. Tommy Vezzetti was a constant thorn in the sides of the council so they took him in and well he got Cappiello out! I stopped going to meetings a while back… Read more »
strand tramp
strand tramp

i regularly speak to my council person. i send e-mails and speak on the phone and in person. i compliment areas where i see success but i’m usually pointing out problems. i haven’t seen any improvement in the last 5yrs that i have engaged my council person. if mo were to get the documents on the cell phones out, then i would buy him a cigar! just because your intentions are good doesn’t mean you are going to make a difference, especially if you get seduced with a $1.00 position awarded by roberts. sheesh. the people in city hall and the elected officials literally need a gun put to their heads before they will do anything in the interests of the community. “a bunch of thugs in camel hair coats”


How does the palm print system work? Could an employee clock in, take off, come back at the end of the day and clock out again? If it will cut down on “no-shows,” then I’m all for it. But, my sense is that, if we have a government that tolerates “no-shows” right now, then people will find ways around the palm print system and the practice will continue.

uptown girl

[quote comment=”53573″]i think they gave him a token title so they can pacify the guy. then give him a few meaningless projects to keep him busy and then he will report for 5 mins every wed rather than stand there and complain on camera, same with the old broad with the walker.
what’s really amusing is to see that he writes as poorly as he speaks. it reminds me of that skit on “in living color” where the 2 guys in prison try to speak to each other using vocabulary incorrectly; “you must regurgitate the emancipation by intoxication…to achieve the rejuvination, my ba-rotha!”[/quote]

All I can say is Thank God for Helen and Mo. If you think thing are bad in the City just imagine how bad they would be if it were not for people like Helen and Mo, who keep an eye on things. It is easy to sit in front of your computer and complain about how bad things are but it is entirely different story to actually go to the City Council meetings and speak. Griping here make you feel like you are communicating your issues to someone who can help but actually speaking to the City Council or its members directly ensures that your voice is being heard. – Not that they will necessarily do anything, but there is always hope.

KD in Hoboken
KD in Hoboken
Seriously? All you can come up with a nasty comments about his grammar? I bet not one of you knows a thing about him! Maurice DeGennaro has lived in Hoboken all his life, he grew up here, he raised his family here, and he has been a big part of the community. Maybe he has a big mouth and maybe he doesn’t come off as the nicest person, but he loves Hoboken and he is trying to help. I’ve watched him on channel 78, I’m sure we all have, I don’t see anyone else getting up there and questioning the city like he does. I don’t see anyone else trying to come up with solutions. Maybe the Mayor gave him the appointment to get him off his back, as some of you think, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do a great job at it. If you read the letter, he has some really great ideas. He found problems with the city that no one else did. And so what about his $1 pay, it doesn’t make him anything but a legal member of the payroll, and I’m sure he’ll find a way to pay that dollar back. He’s really trying to help, and I don’t think posting on some online board about his grammar is right. Get off your own high horses and do something for the city, then maybe he’ll have some peace and can step down, knowing that his beloved city will be ok. Until then, argue… Read more »