NJLM event in Atlantic City


The annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City is in full swing. This raised some eyebrows in Hoboken last year, so let’s hear what one reader has to say about the 2007 event:

“Today starts the three day Atlantic City boondoggle also known as “The N.J. League of Municipalities Convention.” For the next three nights some city council people, Directors, perhaps our Mayor, civil servants and board members will be staying in Atlantic City on the Hoboken taxpayers dimes. If the weather is nice you will probably see them strolling the boardwalk with their spouses or girl/boy friends while seminars like “How to Aquire Open Space” or “Implementing Your City’s Master Plan” are being held.

At night the dinners are usually paid for by vendors (engineering firms, planning consultants, law firms). Unless you are a vendor hanging in John Corea posse – then you get treated to a $1,700 steakhouse dinner.

So how much will it cost this year cost the city? Hotels, tolls, gas, meals, lost productivity? Let’s hope Beth Mason sees these bills too!”

They later write back and say:

“I just heard that no one from city hall will be attending the convention this year. Everyone at city hall is pissed that Corea blew it for them.”


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All I will say on this is know your facts. Especially taxpayers paying the tab…also the “meetings” are all individual ones and in certain agendas in the meetings are topic discussions on taxes. I for one will admit I was there and it gives me the opportunity to take in teh AC lights and some gambling….do it once year if that…would like to smash the woman who sat next to me and started playing the same numbers I was playing..after 5 mins of her sitting next to me I lost about 450 bucks in less then 10 Mins….As I left the table i looked at her and called her a bad bad word…lol


Nice of you to credit me for posting this on Sunday in your Rant section of your blog 411 you tool!

Anyway generally there are no spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends brought to this conference, it is actually frowned upon. They cannot attend the conference and they are not invited to the parties which by the way are all occurning tonight. One person I know is invited to 18 different parties. Should be allot of glad handing and the usual back door politics in NJ with over 21,000 state and local appointed and elected officials attending and with the Federal Election cycle starting the Obama and Hillary surrogates will be putting on the full court press.

As I stated in my rant on Sunday if you look at the conference session schedule there is not a single worksession on cutting taxes!