Hoboken Photo Leftovers for April 6th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: April 6, 2013

What Hoboken photo leftovers made the cut this week?

Hoboken photo leftovers April 6 2013 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers for April 6th

In the photo gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Gridlock Alert! When the “field” at 1600 Park opens uptown – we’ll have yet another traffic light to contend with. I wonder which direction will suffer more.
  • Photo 2: The final stage of 1100 Maxwell Place has commenced. This portion will be 12 stories high.
  • Photo 3: More examples of grungy left-behind parking signs. It’s all about Hoboken Character.
  • Photos 4-6: My apologies in advance for this – but if you own a red Audi and parked near 11th & Park recently (lic. HW7-527) your parking ticket flew off. Was going to pick it up, but Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar had some business to do. You owe the city $45 bucks (and probably a $10 late fee if you don’t pay it soon).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Hoboken! Pretty nice out there for a change!

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