Hoboken Week in Review: 4/7/2013

Hoboken Week in Review – April 7, 2013

Finally, a taste of spring! What happened in Hoboken last week?

Hoboken Week in Review April 7 2013 NJ Hoboken411

A selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, April 7, 2013:

Politics and City Happenings

  • Zimmer finger-points 4 years in officeWow – hasn’t our Mayor been on the job for a while? How can she still blame others?
  • Should kids be banned from dog parks?Obviously a sore subject for some people – conversation continues a week later.
  • Favorable construction approvals?The north end of Hoboken is changing rapidly. But who’s paying attention to what goes on behind the scenes?
  • Hoboken roads remain botchedWhy pave the whole street, when you can pave half? Keeps everyone confused.
  • Hoboken PhotosWhat new pics made the Hoboken411 gallery this week?
  • Zimmer endorsement for MayorSee the top 5 reasons why you should vote with your mind this year!

Updates & Events

Miscellaneous business updates and entertaining options you might be interested in:

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Think simple” as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.”

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