Infrastructure finger-pointing in Hoboken

Zimmer: No responsibility for Hoboken infrastructure – 4 years into term

As everyone knows, Hoboken always has issues with our infrastructure.

Dawn Zimmer finger points in Hoboken NJ instead of taking responsibility - Infrastructure finger-pointing in HobokenNot a week goes by without some kind of situation related to one of many crumbling parts of the city. Whether it’s a water main break, sinkhole, pothole or collapsing pier, the next semi-disaster always seems to be in the on-deck circle taking their practice swings.

Earlier this week – our present Mayor Dawn Zimmer (after several days of “brainstorming”) decided to announce that our current water main problems were former Mayor Anthony Russo’s fault. That we sold the rights to our water in 1994 to United Water for 30 years, etc.

What has Dawn been doing while in office for four years? Asleep at her desk? Why does it take that long, and emergency after emergency to address the problems or understand the “state of the city?”

Shouldn’t she have been completely up to speed with city affairs, contracts and infrastructure conditions THE FIRST FEW WEEKS IN OFFICE? Or at least after the 50th or 100th or 200th water main break since she’s been in office? Does your employer give you four years to learn how to work the copy machine?

There should be a law that all newly elected officials have just a THREE MONTH window where they can blame previous administrations. From that point forward – the ball is in their court.

On a related note, with two hurricanes under her belt (can’t blame Dave Roberts for those, can you?), where is the hurricane preparedness disaster plan? Hurricane season starts in two months. What has she done other than re-direct property taxpayer funds to her out-of-town pal Carly Ringer for the tune of $65,000? The lady shuffles papers 16 hours a week at the hurricane “resource center” downtown. Compare that to the victims who received a meager $1975. The funds from people who got rejected probably went to pad the pockets of this crony.

Regardless, the fact that our Mayor can’t even handle internal city issues until being cornered into them is sad, and the signs of a reactive leader instead of a forward thinking one.

But more worrisome is the possibility that she KNEW about the problem and intentionally waited for a crisis to happen in her final year – in order to use the spectacle as a re-election talking point. That would be corrupt and disrespectful to the community. But sadly, it wouldn’t be the first time in the history of politics. Just par for the course, with the voting public ending up with the short end of the stick.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer blames others for problems even four years into office - Infrastructure finger-pointing in Hoboken

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joey maxim
joey maxim

apts toilet in the hall way and neighbors shared cleaning etc..after 1960 health law came in and toilets in each apt including shower stalls..68 u were not a snob but never one that was entitled…as you can witness all the chit these entitled ones bitch about will never change.Its been this way for years..Love to see these revelers frequent the barbery coast in the 60’s and flex the beer lol yeah the intelligent ones saved Hoboken as well as the world..don’t forget there was no stink on 14th st 30 years ago,,enjoy the clearview movie for around 50 a pop with kids..loving saved the world. :mrgreen:


Dawn Zimmer is a horrible mayor and I will be happy to see her go come election time. The 5th Ward is a disaster zone and no one will do anything about it. People in the 5th Ward have been suffering from the toxic gas smells of Willow 14 for years and cannot get one lousy odor nuisance issued. Time for new leadership in the 5th Ward! The 5th Ward needs a leader who actually lives in the middle of its war zone and understands the daily sufferings of the peole here. Peter Cunningham should resign.


I was a midtown snob and we looked down at what we called ” swamp g****’s” that lived in those wetlands.

joey maxim
joey maxim

68 why is it as kids we played in the floods on the four corners and our parents never said
a word but to kick the crap out of us fearing we could catch polio…???? No condos no bldgs. no parks dog walks..My dads car floated down Madison st ..funny chit..but not for of beer in the trunk of his 48 chevy..Yeah today the town has culture.70 bistros
bars parks and a view of the Hudson skyline we could see for free.


There has always been a drainage problem and to blame it on past administrations is kind of hard. As far back as I can remember or any one of the old timers I know say that parts of downtown hoboken have always flooded. I’m willing to bet that chief shit’ em pants told his tribe to stay away from downtown hoboken. To rebuild hobokens entire infrastructure would be almost impossible, take forever and mind boogling expensive. I really don’t think that there is a answer that will satisfy all of the residents. i could tell you that hoboken has had a shitty tear but hoboken always had shitty years. And to tell you to move to the surburbs isn’t the answer they also have shitty years.