The Hoboken Thanksgiving Awards


Recap of last weeks event.

It was a festive night of Thanksgiving and celebration of civic action as the Quality of Life Coalition presented it’s third annual Hooken Thangiving Awards. The Environmental Award was accepted by Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition Founder Sara Stojkovic on behalf of the large committee that put together the SW6 Action Plan for a Greener, Greater Hoboken.


Next, Bob Duval presented the Hoboken Civic Award to the American Legion Post No.107. They were honored not only for their many sacrifices in war and community involvement, but also for the classy way they stepped up to worked with community activists on the design of the World War II Memorial now under construction. Roy Hueilbig accepted the award.


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The Saving Our History Award was presented to Hoboken Heritage, which formed to protect the Church of The Holy Innocents from a high-rise condo tower project. Alan Kratz led the effort to defeat the plan at the Zoning Board, and Hoboken Heritage is now working on solutions to save Holy Innocents.


The Community Service Award was presented to Ruth Charnes for her work with the Friends of the Hoboken Public Library, including the recent Novel Night Dinner. Ruth was not available to attend the ceremony due to her travel schedule.


QLC coordinator Helen Manogue thought Cynthia Silber was to receive The Hoboken Activist Award this year, but the board of QLC fooled her, and handed the real award to Helen herself for her decades of activism in Hoboken. If not for Helen Manogue and the Enviornment Committee, there would be large oil tanks and a refinery on the north end of Hoboken.



This Thursday at 7:30pm.

Congratulations to the five honorees.

They should really add a sixth category called the “Super Duper Community Service Award (times 100)“, and give Hoboken411 a giant plaque, bronze statue and a conversion van I can sell greasy tacos out of.


Join the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition in honoring the people and organizations that work tirelessly to make Hoboken an ever better city.

The Hoboken Thanksgiving Awards

Thursday, November 15, 2007 7:30 p.m.

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church
Parish Hall – 57 Eighth Street Hoboken, NJ


A reception will follow the presentations. The event is open to the public. A $5 contribution is requested (tax deductible)

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Do people really put $5 dinners as tax deductions?!