Christmas is getting earlier and earlier


jcrew-jersey-city-not-hoboken.jpgWhile we were griping about the “over commercialization” of Christmas, a reader had commented about J.Crew’s website, and how it appeared that they filmed some promotional “behind the scenes” marketing video for their website in Hoboken.

Although the architectural design of the brownstone in the video is very similar to many here in Hoboken, it was actually filmed in Jersey City. I noticed right away that the “temporary no parking” sign appeared slightly different.

311 Varick St. was the exact location.


However, I still wanted to have some fun with their video, and changed the Christmas music they had with something a little more entertaining. The laughs line up pretty well with the scene transitions. Hehe heh hehe.


Many economists are predicting a bleak Christmas retail season. Lower Wall Street bonuses, real estate market is still tanking, and oil prices are at record levels.

Yet each year the “Christmas Spirit” is being force-fed to us sooner and sooner. With 13% of a year still left before the official holiday, companies are already beginning their marketing blitzes for the Yuletide season.

I personally feel the meaning of this holiday has become so watered down, commercial and just plain annoying. Can’t they wait a month more?

Here’s an article from The Consumerist, about how Starbucks is already playing Christmas music! What?

Starbucks Rolls Out Christmas Cups, Christmas Blends, And Christmas Music – Seven Weeks Before Christmas

hoboken-starbucks-christmas.jpgCorporate America has a new ally in the war to spread unseasonable holiday cheer. Thanksgiving may be two weeks away, but according to one sharp-eyed reader, that isn’t stopping the coffee behemoth Starbucks from bludgeoning consumers with Christmas.

Just last year, the Seattle Times wrote: “Something [consumers] don’t want — and which Starbucks will hold until after Thanksgiving — are the holiday tunes.”

Well guess what, you can’t celebrate Christmas in November without Christmas songs, so along with its sense of time and decency, Starbucks is chucking the pre-Thanksgiving ban on annoying holiday music.

From Cajun Boy:

When I entered the store, I immediately noticed a change in the environment that both stunned and slightly horrified me. Everywhere I looked, it was Christmas. Christmas songs were playing on the store soundtrack. I immediately glanced down at my watch to confirm that yes, it was indeed November 8th and still something like 7 weeks until f*cking Christmas.

Please, don’t tell Louis Black or his head will explode.

holy s*#t it’s christmas!!!

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In Australia, Santas warned ‘ho ho ho’ offensive to women


since xmas gets shoved down our throats faster and faster every year. why not celebrate xmas all year round? then, we won’t have to worry about the xmas blues or rushing into shopping rage? they won’t have to put the lights away or the wreaths. the city may even invest in some new ones since we’ll have to stare at them all year round.

uptown girl

Okay, on the 2 guys but what about making rounds to do what should be able to be done in one?


I agree with manolo over the wreaths that go up on the street lights. They need new STRING LIGHTS, is anyone at City Hall paying attention. String lights are not expensive. Most of the bulbs are burned out, and have been for years. Improve the twinkle light situation!


It has to do with safety ,it goes something like when a person goes up a 6 foot or higher or any ladder in a public area a 2nd person is required to act as a safety watch. A person up on a ladder is in a dangerous position. He can be knocked off by a passedby,cart, or carriage. It has nothing to do with featherbedding just plain safety. A standard in industry