Beer wall of Hoboken – Great!

Massive wall of beer spotted in Hoboken

Hoboken Photo of the Day Hoboken411Ah, nothing like a sweet Friday afternoon, right? The weekend is about to start – where most people can kick back and “take a load off.”

I remember those days well back over seven years ago. The last few hours of a Friday were priceless. Because for those who worked the weekday 9 to 5, it was all about the anticipation of your two-night getaway from the prison you called “your job.”

Whether it was happy hour, or a short weekend getaway (and I hate they call it a “getaway” anyway – what are you getting away from exactly? A sentence?), or whatever it may be – weekends for those employed with regular jobs meant they could act somewhat more irresponsible than they could when they had to wake up to arrive at their assigned torture chamber desk on Monday morning.

But those Friday nights bring back memories. A true feeling of “letting go,” and acting more reckless than you would considering your “responsibility” to be on time for work the next day. But that so-called “liberating” feeling was not without a downside: Sundays.

Sundays sucked. You had to curtail your actions to fit into the prescribed schedule that your slave master boss or HR department dictated. Otherwise, you’d be out of work for not complying with their orders. (Football season was a real challenge – especially coming up with Monday morning excuses for four or five months!)

Oscar and the wall of beer on Washington Street in Hoboken NJ

Massive beer deliveries happen daily in Hoboken, NJ

Regardless, I bumped into this beer delivery scene at Yash Liquors near 10th & Washington Street the other day, and thought it was a very cool photo op. It reminded me of several things.

One, the fact that I used to consume many bottles of beer a week. And when I learned that beer-bellied-buffoons will most likely get diabetes and die an early death, I decided to stop. I no longer voluntarily jam my veins with sugar (hence the Low Carb Living category here on Hoboken411). But the 60+ cases of beer here made me think it was the “Great Beer Wall of Hoboken.”

Anyone – whether in (self-perceived) good health or not, should truly re-consider consuming beer regularly. It’s just not a good idea. However – as this picture indicates – there is a LOT of Guinness here. Which is probably one of the better beers to drink (if you just have a couple.) It’s around 10g carbs per serving. About half that of a Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar was intrigued as well…

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