Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?

Shipyard understands – posts sensible Hoboken dog run rules

Hoboken dog park update - Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?The Applied Development folks who own the Shipyard complex uptown understand common sense, at least when it comes to dog park rules. And they’re not plagued by bureaucratic red-tape, inefficient bloat or political in-fighting. They simply posted great rules at the new waterfront dog run.

They must read Hoboken411, because these rules are in-line with what we feel should be posted to remind the dimwits of society that ultimately they should be responsible for their own actions.

  1. Best line of them all is “use at your own risk.” That should be the norm for 99.9% of everything on planet earth.
  2. Next, is no toddlers or teeny kids. A friendly way of saying “This isn’t your God-damn family room, please don’t treat it like one.”
  3. While not a powerful statement, they “strongly discourage” parents not to allow kids under 12 into the run.
  4. Lastly – I love that they included a “no unattended dogs” clause. Again, it’s not your yard – try not to treat it that way.

Would you ever knowingly put yourself into a precarious situation without thinking of the alternatives? Or the potential repercussions? A comparable situation happened to myself and Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar the other day.

As we were approaching one of the city dog parks – there was what appeared to be a new dog owner with a rather large and loud pit-bull in the park. I have no issues with pit bulls per se, but this owner had him leashed in the park, looked like a newbie (who didn’t appear to have dog skills), and people were leaving the run. I chose to skip the dog park on this occasion. Why risk it? Not rocket science, and not the end of the world. I’d rather be safe and sound. Live another day, you know?

But I’m thinking the city of Hoboken might find some inspiration from private entities like this? But I doubt it. Knowing the track-record here in Hoboken, they might go in the opposite direction and install swing sets and baby diaper changing stations within the confines of our very few dog recreation areas. Heck, might as well go all out and add an outdoor maternity ward and blood donation stations while we’re at it.

Shipyard Dog Run Rules in Hoboken NJ - Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?

Should banning kids at Hoboken dog parks be considered?


Since owning Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar – I have noticed an interesting, yet disturbing trend at Hoboken city dog parks. And it’s all about the “multi-tasking” urban mommy and her plethora of responsibilities. Granted, some of those so-called “responsibilities” (like owning a dog) are more like social status icons rather than necessities, but I digress.

Four or five years ago – I NEVER saw “little kids” in the dog parks. Not once, not ever. It was a place for responsible adults and their dogs. And parents back then obviously understood that those places are just not for kids – even if you have a friendly family pooch. Common sense should be the golden rule at Hoboken dog parks, not entitlement.

However, that trend is changing for the negative, and we’re not the only one that feels that way, as Hoboken411 reader Brandy chimed in with today’s letter to the Editor.

Children in Hoboken NJ dog parks - Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?

Letter: Kids under 13 – Stay away from Hoboken dog parks!

“I’m writing to find out if anyone is experiencing the same problem as of late.

I frequently bring my dog to the Elysian Park dog run, and have been for many years. She has a great time there — it’s the ONLY place in Hoboken where she can run FREE! And she is great with other dogs, so the dog park is a perfect place for her to work off her energy. However, my dog is not perfect: because she was not raised with children around she is wary of them. She has never bitten out of fear or anger, but I also don’t want her to be in a situation where that could happen. Sometimes when kids are around I sense that their energy makes her tense.

Which is why I am writing… a LOT of parents lately are bringing small children into the dog parks with their own family dogs.”

Children should be banned from dog parks in Hoboken NJ - Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?

Memo: Hoboken Dog Parks are not your family room

“While that is really nice (for them), children between the ages of two and 10 move fast and erratically, which can spark the attention of and/or alarm some dogs depending on their breeds (hunting and herding).

When I have politely asked parents not to enter with a three or four-year-old they completely disregard me and I am left catching my dog while the child is already inside, before there is an incident.

I found this totally outrageous and rude that someone would barge in at such a risk that is made clear up front! Other times a parent will come in carrying a baby, or with it dangling from a carrier. Both in my opinion are also very dangerous, and put the dogs at risk because many don’t know the difference between a hanging newborn leg and a dog toy.

So, without getting too long-winded here, my question is pretty simple: Why is it that dogs are not allowed in kiddie parks (which I have NO ISSUE with), while kids are still allowed in dog parks?

This City is asking to be named in a future lawsuit if they don’t put some limit on careless parents, or at least put a sign up that they “enter at their own risk with children under 13.”

411 Note: I can add an even more absurd anecdote to this story of Hoboken parents “over-burdened” by their nonsensical “responsibilities” they obviously cannot handle.

I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions some stroller moms (not nannies) actually have the nerve to roll up with their teeny kid in a stroller – and just LET THE GOD DAMN DOG into the park – and REMAIN OUTSIDE! That, in my opinion is just as bad – if not worse.

What if that dog gets into a fight with another dog? Talk about neglecting responsibility. They never clean up the dog crap either. Either walk your kids and dogs separately – or GET RID OF THE DOG (and the kid at this point, because you cannot handle real responsibility).

On that sign that Brandy suggested – I’d also add: NO UNATTENDED DOGS.

No dogs allowed in Childrens playground in Hoboken NJ - Banning kids at Hoboken dog parks?

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I am going to rant on here the same way I did about babies in bars….

Leave your kids OUT OF THE DOG RUN…. It is for dogs..not children…… Where has common sense gone …. dio mio…………. City Hall… WAKE UP before you have a lawsuit!!

joey maxim
joey maxim

Jae that makes sense a place for everything..Some of these dogs are well over
the weight limit allowed by the lease at the ship yards..Owner needs a shovel to follow their poo dumps. Pit bulls for one do not belong anywhere near strangers..some dogs do
get tense and sense the energy in kids. Dogs are your best friend but should not be couped up in and apt or dogwalkers do not give them the freedom to roam and run around..If some are upset complain to mgt of applied..most dogs are loveable,,some can
get nasty at any given moment..[quote comment=”220400″]I am going to rant on here the same way I did about babies in bars….Leave your kids OUT OF THE DOG RUN…. It is for dogs..not children…… Where has common sense gone …. dio mio…………. City Hall… WAKE UP before you have a lawsuit!![/quote]


So what dog owners that tie their dogs up outside of restaurants, markets, etc?

What about those super long leashes. First they are not the legal length, and second, I saw a dog on one of those almost get hit by a car, because their human was too far away to see the traffic on the street the dog was crossing 12 feet ahead of them.

Their are some people that exercise very poor judgement, be they parents or dog owners, or drunks peeing in lobbies.


Chow seems unstable and lives is his/her own reality. This person is a parent and dog owner?


OMG, having just read this comment chain, whomever CHOW is … psy-cho! Therapy or drugs perhaps? Wouldn’t want to know him/her in dog park, his/her dog or kids. Lord!


This is what the has to say in their “Reporting Cruelty FAQ” section about threats to harm an animal:

“Someone in my neighborhood is threatening to harm my pet, but they haven’t done anything yet. What can I do to protect my pet from this person?
If you feel that your pet is in danger, do whatever you can to shield him or her from harm—for instance, bring your outdoor cat inside and always accompany your dog outside, keeping him on a leash at all times.
You should also file a complaint with your local police; depending on the law where you live, verbal or written threats may constitute criminal harassment. Be sure to keep any tangible evidence of threats against your pets and yourself. If the threats are serious enough, you may be able to get a restraining order against the person making them. If this is the route you wish to go, enlist the aid of a lawyer. Above all, please be careful.”[quote comment=”220310”]OMG, having just read this comment chain, whomever CHOW is … psy-cho! Therapy or drugs perhaps? Wouldn’t want to know him/her in dog park, his/her dog or kids. Lord![/quote]


LMAO. And this clown CHOW believes that someone is just going to “stand around” and do nothing, while they “attempt” to harm their pet. LMAO.[quote comment=”220310″]OMG, having just read this comment chain, whomever CHOW is … psy-cho! Therapy or drugs perhaps? Wouldn’t want to know him/her in dog park, his/her dog or kids. Lord![/quote]


Wow, I can’t help but hope Chow learns a lesson the hard way and that a judge laughs as he throws his inevitable lawsuit out