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hoboken411-weather-bar.gifI’ve always been a weather nut, especially “severe” weather, like big storms, blizzards, and other intense events that throw a wrench into most people’s day. You’ll see nutty radar images and weather warnings pop up here on 411 from time to time.

While I’ve always thought about installing a little “weather nugget” on Hoboken411 that shows current conditions, forecasts, etc., I usually ended up scrapping the idea because I assume most people already have an idea what lies ahead for the next few days. Putting “too much” info here is just another technical problem waiting to happen. However, I’m testing something out this week to see how I like it. It shows current conditions, plus two little icons for tonight and tomorrow.

A better idea for those of you that frequently use the internet to find out the weather forecasts, is getting some kind of toolbar for your browser. I personally recommend using Firefox over Internet Explorer, and there’s a great plugin for Firefox called “Forecastfox enhanced”. I have the 7 day forecast constantly on the top of my screen, and it even has a great live radar icon, so you can immediately see what weather may be coming without having to leave the screen you’re on. Just hover your mouse pointer and presto! Just makes 100% sense to me.

Get Firefox here, if you haven’t already.


Lastly 411 reader Kelly had some interesting trivia when she was searching for Hoboken in Yahoo! Weather. She writes:


Tonight as I was trying to find out the weather for tomorrow, I typed in Hoboken’s zip code on the Yahoo home page under the weather symbol and found that Hoboken, NJ shares it zip code with these locations:

  • Hoboken, NJ 07030
  • Muros, Italy 07030
  • Guarulhos, Brazil 07030

-and there is a city named Hoboken in these states or countries:

  • Hoboken, Belgium 2660
  • Hoboken, NJ 07030
  • Hoboken, NY 13411
  • Hoboken, GA 31542
  • Hoboken, OH 45732
  • Hoboken, AL 36027
  • Hoboken, CA 95563

Thought your readers might find this interesting.

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