Hoboken Week(s) in Review – 11/11/2007


Your cheat sheet for the noteworthy items covered in Hoboken the past couple weeks.


What items were covered in the past week? Here’s a sampling:

News, items of importance & “Hot Topics”:

  • It’s over! What a relief! – 4th Ward Council election is FINALLY done. Back to pizza and bacon reviews.
  • Racial Bias Suit – Five Hoboken cops suing city held a rally at town hall.
  • Truth or Stunt? – A vague memo gets sent out “warning” city employees that they may be unemployed soon.
  • You’re on candid camera – ABC Primetime sets up a sting operation to see if people care about a lost/sad child.
  • Slashed – US Flag shredded at the Hoboken Fire Museum.

Town Government:

  • Greenery – Intersection light turned on. No “signal lighting ceremony” however.
  • Almost instantly – Minutes after new councilwoman Zimmer is sworn in she comes somewhat under fire.
  • Who’s next? – Speculation begins as to whom will be our next Mayor.

Community Events & Local Sports:
Lots of happenings in Hoboken!

  • Tasty – This Tuesday, the annual eating event featuring many notable Hoboken restaurants.
  • Colorful – Local painter Frank Hanavan has an exhibit at the Historical Museum.
  • Hysterical – Check the video out of last weeks Hoboken Elks Comedy Night.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

  • Yummy Stuff – This writer is excited about the new Trader Joe’s that recently opened in Edgewater.
  • New Cafe – Popular Zebu Forno coming to Hoboken this Spring.
  • Ask the 411 Advisor – New weekly financial feature continues on 411.

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Not-so-good – Several readers are already heavily disappointed with the new “Texas BBQ” joint that opened near the PATH. We’ll see how long they last.


  • Livin’ on a Prayer – A Hoboken411 reader makes the trek to the new Prudential Center (the “Rock”) and checks out Bon Jovi.

Reader Mail Bag:

  • Keeping tabs – A reader found a story in the NY Times interestingly similar to a piece here on 411 months ago.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Winners – We have our winners for the Halloween photo contest, but some folks suspect “ballot box stuffing”. New contest system to be announced for the next giveaway.
  • Hobotown – T.G. Heins whips up an election cartoon.
  • Doomed? – 411 readers discuss which business may fall by the wayside next.
  • “Hip Hoboken” – We all critique a video that popped up on another website.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • I can’t drive – The ability to drive in a straight line has declined over the years.

Pet Corner

Recent Town Incidents:

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I do not believe those sirens are needed in the middle of the night. Further they are exceptionally loud.

People who live in Hoboken might be less likely to use the sirens, horns etc. when not needed, because they would know what it is like to hear them at 2am, 330am, etc, as opposed to someone living in some suburb who never gets awakened 4 times a night from the damn things.

I know the ambulance drivers are volunteers. We should have a paid ambulance crew. But regardless, apparently they don’t use them in England at night and last I heard, England hasn’t burned down.

I am not saying there aren’t legimate uses for the sirens. I am saying they seem to be used quite often and they are exceptionally loud. They should be reserved for when they are really needed.

P. S. I was with someone who needed an ambulance in Hoboken and it took over 20 minutes for them to arrive,…and they couldn’t find the apt…..I don’t think the sirens had anything to do with it….


OK, I havent posted in a while, but as a resident, concerned citizen etc I had to respond to what is one of the dopiest comments ever posted here:

“The people doing it ( ambulance drivers/ cops/ firefighters) have no consideration for people and I suspect most of them do not even live in Hoboken.”

THEY ARE SAVING OUR LIVES!!! THE AMUBLANCE DRIVERS ARE VOLUNTEERS who are driving the ambulance in the middle of the night when you and I are sleeping.

Maybe that comment was a joke. And even if they didn’t live here, they are driving a firetruck at 3 in the morning so who cares where they live – they are saving lives here.

It may be true that they dont’ always need to have the sirens on, but that’s a case by case basis and if they need to drive fast (they can’t always tell how severe an emergency is until they get there), they have to use it to get drivers out of the way so they can
save a heart attack victim or put out a fire.

Sorry if that comment was a joke, but if it was serious, I mean, really.

At ease.

The Bard of Agon
The Bard of Agon

On the objectivity of event reporting here:

“No candidate is perfect and immune from coverage on Hoboken411.”

But don’t dare critique the political profile of the moderator who published this blurb of ‘integrity’!!!!


Regardless of the time, sirens protect the responders and the people who drive and walk our streets. Too bad you can’t sleep. Get over it.


The sirens in this town are insane and totally unnecessary and they have been for as long as I can remember. It’s some part of Hoboken culture. I cannot for the life of me understand why we put up with it. They wake me up constantly. The people doing it ( ambulance drivers/ cops/ firefighters) have no consideration for people and I suspect most of them do not even live in Hoboken.