Do Ewe Knit? Moves out of Hoboken

Do Ewe Knit? leaves Hoboken, moves to Westfield

6th Street is one of those odd streets in Hoboken that you sometimes forget is even there, at least to me. And it doesn’t appear to be all the friendly to businesses either. Park & Sixth has seen it’s share of issues, and this knitting place Do Ewe Knit? left town as fast as they came. They moved up to Westfield, NJ.

Do Ewe Knit moves from Hoboken NJ to Westfield NJ

Description: Luxury Yarn Boutique.
Address: 155 6th St., Hoboken, NJ 07030 217 Elmer Street, Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: 201.850.1188 (908)654-5649

Do Ewe Knit? – 155 6th St. – Hoboken, NJ

3/27/2013 Update:

Arriving to the Hoboken business scene several months ago, we have Do Ewe Knit? which located at 155 6th Street.

This location was formerly home to that wacky DrakeBook modeling “agency.”

Do Ewe Knit Hoboken Knitting Studio 155 6th Street

Do Ewe Knit? is Hoboken’s Only Luxury Yarn Boutique

Owner Karen Posniak says:

“Do Ewe Knit is Hoboken’s only luxury yarn boutique. We stock prestige yarns and notions for every budget and project. Our owner is an avid and professional knitter who is delighted to assist you with your knit and crochet pieces. Our spacious location has ample room and we encourage you to sit, knit (or crochet!) and enjoy your visit. We have just one question for you – Do Ewe Knit?”

They sell all the supplies you need to support your knitting habit, and even have classes that help the beginner get on the fast track to becoming an expert. They also offer group lessons as well as private instruction.

My guess why they picked an odd name for their business is because the domain name already belongs to a blog about knitting. But that gave them a perfectly good excuse to pick a cute “Mascot.” I doubt that unconventional name will hurt in any way, because people who want to find Hoboken knitting businesses are already “in the know.”

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They had to leave because the knitting app is big here in Hoboken.


Actually I found a better store !!!!!!!!!![quote comment=”221381″]They had to leave because the knitting app is big here in Hoboken.[/quote]