Soapbox – Born in Hoboken, NJ

Rob Feinstein, who has a long history with Hoboken, NJ has created a start-up company called Soapbox.

Soapbox furniture made easy - Soapbox

What does Soapbox have to do with Hoboken?

Many of you may know Robert Feinstein because of his company Studio One Architects, designed quite a few of the better retail establishments in town, like The Taco Truck, Havana, Bin 14 and many more.

Red hoboken house 7th Street Studio One Architects - SoapboxFeinstein has a comprehensive history as part of the Hoboken fabric. He started coming here in the late 70’s to spend weekends with his father, and eventually moved here after attending Rhode Island School of Design in the early 90’s.

He set up the unassuming Studio One Architects office on First & Jefferson Streets with his partner Anthony D’Dangelo, where it remained for a decade before they moved to their current setup in Union City.

Things were booming for the design duo in the 90’s and early 2000’s, where they were just about the only “go to” place for businesses and real estate customers to go for the cutting edge. They also designed furniture store Mad Haus and Rodeo Bar (both long gone), Company (which is now Legal Beans), the Tunes music store on Washington Street, and even a home for Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley.

Studio One also did several other residential projects in Hoboken – including that Red House on 7th Street (pictured to the right).

But as the Real Estate bubble burst in the late 2000’s – business tailed back a bit for the firm, and that got Feinstein’s wheels spinning, which allowed him to follow his inner-dream of branching out to start his furniture business.

What exactly is Soapbox?

Soapbox is a furniture start-up that strives to make products “a step up” from IKEA in quality, but easier to assemble, and much longer lasting.

“Growing up in a mega-store, over-packaged, disposable world instilled an appreciation for simple, honest design. We challenged ourselves to create something that didn’t need tools, a foreign language dictionary, three friends or an engineering degree to put together. We wanted to create something that we would want to live with. Something that wouldn’t require a million dollar bank account to buy or end up in a landfill 6 months later. We hope you like what we came up with.”

Anatomy of a soapbox - Soapbox

Their tagline is “furniture made easy,” and Soapbox strives to be simple, yet long lasting. And like IKEA – want to be able to easily distribute the pieces in “flat-pack” boxes, but without the complication or shoddy craftsmanship. Feinstein re-located from Hoboken a couple years ago, and is now in Asbury Park, NJ – where Soapbox is based. Their inaugural product lineup is made up of various boxes, storage units and coffee tables, which are made here in New Jersey, out of plywood and pine, along with various hardwood veneers (using a soy-based glue). No press-board here!

Feinstein made his official debut at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival last spring. “I felt it was important to launch here in Hoboken, because that is where my career started, and where many of my roots and work remain,” he said.

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