Bon Jovi @ “The Rock”


Today’s guest review comes from Hoboken411 reader Dan. He took the train out to the new Prudential Center in Newark to see one of the 10 Bon Jovi concerts.


Bon Jovi 11/7/07

@ The Prudential Center (aka “THE ROCK”)
Newark, NJ

On Stage: 8:53p
Beers Consumed on PATH: 0
Beers at THE ROCK: 5 @ $7.50 a pop

It was the 8th show for Bon Jovi on a fine HUMP day in New Jersey. It was just what the doctor ordered as the weekend was just a few short days away.

From the advertisements on the PATH trains saying it THE ROCK was only 20 minutes, I was like sweet. Door-to-door however it took close to an hour with 2 transfers (1 at Pavonia and 1 at JSQ).

A short (and safe) walk from Newark Penn Station was THE ROCK.

It was nice to finally be able to go to a new and clean venue in the Metropolitan area, I mean we DO deserve it.


The Prudential Center was great, we got in quick, grabbed a few drinks walked around and checked the place out. What I enjoyed the most about the ROCK was the smoking terraces that they had. GENIUS! You just walk right outside huff a butt then walk back in, quick and painless (minus the damage to your lungs of course).

Read the rest of his review, plus see more pictures and the song list after the jump.

Other amenities were:

  • The Belvedere Vodka Ice Lounge, equipped with a bar made of real ice.
  • a few other bars (didn’t get a chance to enjoy)
  • more plasma TV’s than the ESPN Zone


With this new arena, I hope that it attracts more bands to come to NJ and play. With a capacity of roughly 18,000 it is a nice little venue to see a show.

Now onto the show….

As JBJ said after the first few songs that they WAILED on, “Not bad for on on bunch of old guys” and those were my sentiments exactly.

Jon was full of energy it seemed to be channeling Mick Jagger all night with his moves on stage.

Richie melted my face about 7 times with his guitar solos and I nearly lost it when he brought out the double neck guitar.

One of the highlights for me was Bad medicine -> Shout -> Bad Medicine, it really got the crowd going. After that song unfortunately the songs slowed down for a bit then they turned it up for the rest of the show on the heels of Raise your Hands.


Then came the Hoboken bar staple…Livin’ on a Prayer, which ended the set. I swear people came just to hear that cause my whole row CLEARED out before the encore.

I enjoyed the Encore, love Any Other Day and Wanted, but thought along with my friend who came with me, they should have ended it there. Instead they ended with Someday I’ll be Saturday Night. I would have played something else, but it’s their call and it didn’t ruin my show…

OVERALL: Great show, great seats (a little over priced).

Definitely looking forward to seeing another event at THE ROCK.


Set List

  • Lost highway (Hank Williams tease with band entrance)
  • Lost highway
  • Bad Name
  • Raise Your Hands
  • Born To Be Your Baby
  • Just Older
  • Last Night
  • Whole Lotta Leavin Goin’ On
  • Runaway
  • Summertime
  • It’s My Life
  • We Got It Goin On
  • Bad Medicine -> Shout -> Bad Medicine
  • These Days (Richie Sambora)
  • Wanna Make A Memory
  • Last Man Standing
  • Lay Your Hands On Me
  • Have A Nice Day
  • Who Says You Can’t Go Home
  • Livin’ On A Prayer


  • Any Other Day
  • Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Someday I’ll be Saturday Night

Off Stage @ 11:00p


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Much easier getting here and, especially, getting out, than at CAA. Also, it’s a real arena, not a bowl with mausoleum echoes. The hamburger sucked — terrible flavor — although the bun was good and the stuff to go on it was excellent, and there were more than enough Nathan’s fries to get full without the burger.

$12 for vodka martinis and $18 for fancy drinks? Uh, gimme a beer. Whaddya mean ID, lady? At my age, it’s nobody’s business how old I am!

I ended up not buying liquor at all because the arena policy is that *everyone* has to show ID, regardless if it’s obvious that 21 is but a distant memory. Frickin ridiulous!


I went to 5 of the Bon Jovi shows in Newark and took either the PATH from Hoboken or NJ Transit from NYC (depending if I was coming from work or not). I had no problems at all and thought it was quite safe. If you walk through the Gateway you come out to the street 1 block from the arena. Going home the PATH was pretty slow but there was some entertainment from the drunks “trying” to sing Bon Jovi songs. The PATH would sit in Newark for a while and then once we sat in Journal Square for over 20 minutes waiting for a train. Overall, it takes about an hour to get home since the trains run slower after 11pm. One night my friend drove me back to Hoboken and it was a mess. And $3 round-trip is alot better than $25 to park a car.


Really how much do you know about that section of newark, I have first hand knowledge of the area. Compared to other so called dangerous cities newark its very close to the top. So don’t believe that BS propaganda spread by the media its BAD.


[quote comment=”52839″]You want to park 10 blocks away from the arena and walk to and back, do you have a death wish? This is newark people , the area makes the projects look friendly.[/quote]

would you walk 10 blocks in the “real” city aka NYC? wow, bunch of scared and lazy Bon Jovi fans? I guess tail-gating is out of the question for Hobo-locals. 😐


[quote comment=”52831″]I thought they were running the PATH every 15 min for the Bon Jovi concerts. At least that’s what the news said.[/quote]

“PATH will provide additional service, as needed, at the close of major events”