Hoboken Junior wants to go to Princeton

Help Hoboken Junior Jazmin Vergara go to Princeton this summer!

Jazmin Vergara Hoboken NJ JSA Summer School PrincetonHere’s some good news out of Hoboken High School. But if you really want a positive ending, you might want to consider donating to help!

The scoop is as follows. 16-year old Hoboken High School Junior Jazmin Vergara luckily got accepted to the Junior Statesmen of America Summer School for Speech and Political Communications over at Princeton University!

“Junior Statesmen of America is a non-profit organization that enlightens students on the political side of things,” said Jazmin, adding that “I will be learning the ins and outs of how to handle current political issues while in debate, by studying them with actual professors at the University. I am a recurring member of Harvard Model Congress at our school so hopefully through this program I get a few more pointers.”

Jazmin is quite excited about the college-level program, “I will learn about our evolving government in the eyes of the American people through communication theory and study. We will have various discussions on the most controversial political topics. For instance, the impact of propaganda. While also figuring out the secrets of public speaking.”

The program runs four weeks – but her and her family are way short of being able to afford it. The class costs around $4750 to attend. That includes room & board, food, books and all the trips planned (like one to the United Nations headquarters in NYC).

Your donations can help Jazmin Vergara attend JSA Summer School

She has a donation page setup at www.stayclassy.org/jazminvergara – and because she already got a $1500 donation from the Junior Statesmen of America Foundation (she submitted an essay on why she deserved a scholarship), she only needs $3250 from donors.

She needs to raise the money in less than two weeks – and so far only a couple teachers in Hoboken have contributed. She’s a shade under $2500 away from meeting her goal!

Again – the link is http://www.stayclassy.org/jazminvergara if you want to donate and help Jazmin Vergara earn a positive mark for the city of Hoboken!

Here’s a video that shows more about the JSA Summer School program at Princeton:

Congrats, Jazmin! Hope you meet your goal of raising the funds!

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L

Good job Jazmin! Nice to see some of our students excel in Hoboken. I see she’s almost 50% towards her goal. I’ll be making a donation later myself.