Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for Mayor

Alert: Hoboken411 endorses Dawn Zimmer for Mayor of Hoboken!

The Hoboken Mayoral and Council at-large election may be more than half a year away, but we couldn’t hold back our enthusiasm here at Hoboken411 – and are proud to finally announce that we fully endorse current Mayor Dawn Zimmer for a second glorious term!

Find out why after the jump!

Dawn Zimmer for Mayor Hoboken NJ - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for Mayor

The top five reasons we want Dawn Zimmer to continue being Mayor of Hoboken, NJ are:

No. 1: Incredible Mathematics!

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Magazine Cover - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for MayorDawn Zimmer campaigned heavily on her “bullet point” of lowering Hoboken property taxes “at least 25% in the FIRST YEAR ALONE!”

Well – since she’s been in office – she’s fallen short of that goal 90% EACH AND EVERY YEAR! We’re still close to 60% short now almost FOUR YEARS LATER! Amazing!

The fact that she still has supporters after so many air-balls – is why we think she should still be in office.

Because we have a voting base here in Hoboken that appears to LOVE IT – and it’s a fascinating psychological case study to see so many people without the ability to critically think, you know?

“I’ll just believe everything they feed me. So much easier to trust what they say than ask questions! What’s on TV tonight?”

Don’t you love supporting a Mayor that can blatantly lie and spin to the public? And still get away with it?

It’s exactly what everyone hated about the previous administration – but they still blindly supply the “lubricant” to have it happen to them again – only this time with a different mask!

You know that girl who “breaks up” with an abusive boyfriend just to date another one who is exactly the same? Like that! Impressively entertaining to watch the merry-go-round! Bravo!

No. 2: No flip-flopping at all!

Nothing better than a candidate who makes promises – and then those promises “magically disappear” four years later. Like watching a Vegas act – and not getting the tickets comped!

Here’s what Zimmer said back in 2009 about the NJ Transit Redevelopment Project along Observer Highway:

“I will lead the fight against the out of scale New Jersey Transit Redevelopment Projects. “I’ll stand up to the big developers and fight for what the community wants. We need a Mayor we can trust to stand-up against over-development.”

Here’s how the NJ Transit Redevelopment looks at the moment. I can only imagine how awesome that fight was.

We would have had the tallest buildings in the world if it wasn’t for Zimmer!

NJ Transit Redevelopment Dawn Zimmer Hoboken NJ - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for Mayor

No. 3: Southwest Park is a true reality!

Zimmer made her SW6 park the cornerstone of her campaign. Wondering where we are today?

You can start by reading this statement she made prior to the election in 2009:

“Given our fiscal situation, and the nearly $50 million appraisal for the entire 6-acre park area, (the estimated cost of buying all the land outright for the park) we must begin by negotiating with Academy Bus. If elected on June 9th, I will begin immediate discussions with Academy so that the process of creating the Southwest Park can be moved forward as quickly as possible. My administration will not just “talk” about new parks, it will build them.”

Smallest park in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for MayorMaybe I’m missing something because she keeps issuing press releases that make me very excited!

That they will instead BULLY a property owner into selling his land at a quarter of assessed value and build a teeny less-than-once-acre park in the middle of a high-traffic area surrounded by industrial buildings and thugs from the heights!

Who cares that no one is mentioning Academy Bus and the largest parcel of land anymore!! Let’s beat up on the little guys and play it off as if we’re making “progress.” Sounds like a major ego trip to me! Can I come along for the ride?

That is what I love in a Mayor!

No. 4: Zimmer is good for local business (some)

Hoboken water outages good for business - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for MayorNot many of you are aware of this, but a few years ago, Hoboken411 decided to invest in several local beverage distribution companies (mainly water & soda). Because we saw a positive trend that would keep our businesses flourishing.

Each time there is a citywide water outage, our sales go through the roof! Like Christmas in the spring!

We welcome these city disasters (which are caused by focusing too much on parks and bike lanes – while completely neglecting city infrastructure), and it’s like “Black Friday” every single time.

And we feel that keeping Zimmer in office for four more years would help us succeed in these troubled economic times.

Bring on more over-development and Hoboken water main breaks, please!

No. 5: We love that Zimmer is an “Absentee Mayor!”

Dawn Zimmer Stan Grossbard Ski House New Hampshire Hoboken NJ1 - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for MayorIn the end – we love Dawn Zimmer, because we respect a Mayor that leaves town when a Blizzard or Hurricane or man-made disaster strikes the city in the heart.

We love that she’s safe and sound while all the peons struggle and wonder where city resources are! It’s incredible that she has the ability to disappear so regularly and take no proactive roles!

But we’re truly happy she’s sitting by a fireplace in her New Hampshire Ski House with the rest of her friends.

Why be a leader when you can be skiing or drowning your sorrows in a pub until it’s time to cash your next tax-payer funded check? Something we should all strive for. What an incredible role-model!

It’s no problem at all that the administration can’t come up with a plan to fix the infrastructure. Because that would require intelligent leadership, real hard work and seriously planning! We don’t want to burden Dawn, Juan, and Mayor Stan, do we? We’d rather they pretend they are “reforming Hoboken and making it better.”

Do you ever take notice and appreciate the Zimmer Administration’s great theatrical performances? What other cities are blessed with creatively-worded press releases every single day? It’s free community theater!

We’re just happy she’s safe – and her diamond-dealer family is more than adequately covered by a property taxpayer-funded health care plan when she is on vacation – all while others struggle to shovel out from disaster after disaster. Isn’t that the way it ought to be?

The last thing we want is one of those Mayors who are in touch, walking around, connecting with the residents. Does anyone want them meddling in their real-world problems? We just want her to be safe and happy and out of harms way!

Dawn Zimmer for Mayor of Hoboken NJ 2013 - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for Mayor

Leaked: Zimmer’s new campaign slogan for 2013

Oh – just wanted to share this, too. We received leaked information about Mayor Zimmer’s re-election campaign. I think it’s a FANTASTIC slogan! Don’t you?

“Working for Change because it’s Change that’s Working for Dawn and now that Dawn has Changed Hoboken for her, Dawn will Change Hoboken Again, Because it’s not about fixing or improving, it’s about Changing! Let’s all get behind Change!”

“Working for Change and Change that Works for Dawn! Yes!”

Joker endorses Dawn Mayor for Mayor in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken411 endorses Zimmer for Mayor

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Yay, bike lanes!


Funny, but not really a joke. Ask any of her hard core supporters how they feel about the many failed campaign promises and all you get are excuses. And to give her more time.

Bottom line is she made promises that went unfulfilled. Time to give someone else a chance. Plus this in-fighting at city hall is proof that if a Mayor cannot unite the council for the common good of the city, they have failed as true community leaders.


Thanks for reminding us its April Fool’s Day!