Why isn’t your relationship working?

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The Honeymoon is Over! Why isn’t this relationship working?

By Jessica Kasevich

JK Therapy Relationships Hoboken NJ Your Life Back on Track Jessica Kasevich - Why isn't your relationship working?It seemed like the best three months of your dating life. You would see each other almost every day. You felt comfortable with her. You could tell him anything. You thought she was the female version of you. He made you laugh more than you had ever laughed before. Never had you shared the same views on religion, politics, and family with another. For the first time you felt HAPPY.

You thought… had all this dating finally paid off? Could this person be the one you would spend the rest of your life with? And then… the three month mark hits.

The person you thought was “perfect” and “ideal” CHANGED or, did you begin to see who they are, and the real issues they carry with them ?

The Honeymoon is over - Why isn't your relationship working?

Why does the drama free honeymoon stage of great dinners at Balthazar’s, Broadway shows and weekend getaways end? The Honeymoon ends when trust builds and we start to let the other person see our everyday struggles. They begin to see that our boss never lets us have a day off, or our boiling family conflicts over grandma: Should she go into a nursing home or have 24 hour care at home? And then the typical dilemma one may go through in a new relationship: How can I trust again after being so deeply hurt in the last relationship? Suddenly keeping up the pristine appearance of having it all together for your new guy or gal, seems impossible and it is. This is when the Honeymoon is over.

Why Does the Honeymoon End?

When we allow someone to get to know us and the stressors we are dealing with, they learn how we positively or negatively handle conflicts. They also learn what our unresolved issues are from childhood. These issues impact the present relationship. If we do not allow our girlfriend or boyfriend to see and understand our issues, assumptions will be made about how the relationship is going, leaving both parties on different pages.

The Honeymoon is over couples misunderstanding lack of communication - Why isn't your relationship working?For example:

  • The stressed out business man comes home from work and goes out to dinner with his girlfriend. Whenever he had a stressful day as a single man he would stay in and keep to himself, as he does not like to socialize when he feels this way. This time he pushed himself to go out because he is fond of this girl, and wanted to spend time with her. On the date, as much as he tries not to let the stress of work inhibit him, he is quiet. He is not as active as he usually is.
  • The girlfriend perceives his quietness as him not being interested in her any more. Mr. Boyfriend is not aware that she has learned to associate quiet people with people who are not really interested in spending time with her, due to the way she grew up. He thought the date went well at that he interacted enough. What he did not know was that she grew up as an only child with parents who worked 70 hours plus a week, not providing her adequate attention. She spent most of her time alone from the age of 13 until 23 when she moved out, in silence, wishing her parents would ask about her daily activities.
  • The silence at the dinner brought her back to her childhood, remembering what it felt like to desire interaction. She began to think, this is not the dynamic I want to repeat in my adult relationship. “I don’t want to fight for his attention. I did that my whole childhood and I didn’t get anywhere.” She leaves the date thinking that this will be the last, as she wants a man who is more talkative and attentive.

In this example we can see that they are both on different pages because they never communicated their feelings and needs. They both were trying to keep up the pristine image that all of their needs were being met in the relationship, when in fact they weren’t. Who is the one suffering for not advocating for their needs, each one? If you don’t ask for what you want in a relationship you will never get it. Why self your self short?

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Thursday, March 21, 2013 5:48 pm

Interesting. And I dig the mochilla backpack graphic.

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