Wise Vision & Hearing

Wise Vision & Hearing – 334 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

Wise Vision and Hearing Hoboken New Jersey NJ - Wise Vision & Hearing

Description: Optical center & Hearing aid center.
Services: Contact lenses, Fashion eyewear, eye exams, lenses duplicated, eyeglasses within an hour, sunglasses, Hearing evaluations, hearing aids, batteries, assistive learning devices
Website: www.wisehearing.com
Address: 334 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4842
Telephone: (201) 792-5100

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 6:15 pm

I got to put in my 2cents. I have been going to WISE vision for years…since I was 15y/o. One time I decided to go to EYESHAPES on washington..booooy was that a mistake. My parents been with Wise for decades but I wanted something different. I got something different. They were so right. The optician at WISE is so right. When I call to have my prescription fax to EYESHAPES, she warn me of their tactics and incompetence. She warned me that they were going to screw it up…and they did.

They lost my frames…funny…it was a PRADA…but because they didn’t have PRADAs they had ME pay 310.00 for a new pair b/c they felt bad they lost my glasses. I thought they gave me a discount… When I spoke to WISE they told me they hustle me b/c, she said it would have only cost $336.00 for a new pair. What the F^%&*^ ? EYESHAPES lose my freakin glasses and they give me a 26.00 dollar disct. Screwed up. As far as I know…for all you newbies in HOBOKEN…. don’t go to EYESHAPES…there are much better eyeglass stores in hoboken.

1. Myoptics (3rd Washingston) 3 stars
2. WISE Vision (corner of 4th and Washington) 4.5 stars
3. EYE SHOPPE of Hoboken ( Newark st and hudson st) 4.5 stars
4. EYE SITES (8th and washington) 2.5 stars
5. for you jersey city boys…go to Eye Shapes (1st and washington st)… 😈 just kidding. 😯 😯 😯 😯 👿

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 4:42 pm

Hey any you eyeguys know if anyone got PRADAs. I’ve called around and no one got PRADAs. Whatups with Hoboken? We pay 6thousand taxes for a 1 bedroom condo…and we ain’t got no D and Gs and Pradas? What do I have to do…go to the freaky mall and pay what… 500 dollars for some cheap Mall doctor… I also have an insurance question….I want to provide insurance to my boys at the shop… where to go to get vision insurance?…. what are the most popular vision insurance?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:47 pm

I actually been to all three eye glass stores. I used to go to Eyeshapes but what shitty service. It took them 2 months to get my glasses ready…finally it arrived and it was crooked and warped. They wouldn’t fix it for me. Finally I got feed up and just paid and left.

Just last week I went to that new eyeglass store EYE SHOPPE and they help me fix my glasses and help me order new lens for my glasses. It took them 2 days to finish. My girlfriend goes to WISE optical b/c they take her insurance and she has never complained. They have always been nice to her.

I am just happen we have some eyeglass stores to pick from….I like hoboken small town feeling….I am glad they didn’t open up a COHEN and Lenscrafters here.

I would recommend both WISE OPTICAL and EYE SHOPPE OF HOBOKEN.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:29 pm

I actually have been to both Wise (4th and washington st) and the new one Eye Shoppe (Hudson and Newark st). I don’t understand why everyone is having such a difficult time with their eyedocs. I went to WISE for my contacts and they were very helpful. I also went to EYE SHOPPE for my new sunglasses and they were so nice and polite.

The only place i would never go back to is EYE SHAPES on btw 1st and 2nd Washington. You would think they would be a very professional looking store from the exterior….but boy were they soooo rude and mean. I wanted my prescription fax to WISE so I can give the doctor my history and they were so mean. I completely agree with “ewt7178 wrote” about Eye Shapes. WISE staff were nice. I bought my contacts there and no problem.

The new store on newark, EYE SHOPPE of Hoboken had soo many sunglasses I like. They didn’t haggle me or harrass me to get anything. When I told them I went to WISE for my eyeexam they too said nice things about WISE.

Hey I just got new Eye insurance……before I call up WISE or EYE SHOPPE…does anyone know if anyone takes EYEMED and United Federal Teachers Union (voucher thingy) ??? please help.

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