Wine, Wealth, Golf & Real Estate


Event this Monday, November 12th. Space is limited and RSVP necessary. See below.

Monday Night Hype

smith-barney-logo-hoboken.gifAn interesting night and open forum to learn more from four professionals who specialize in Finance, Wine, Real Estate and Golf!

  • Keith Black: Owner of Vigneto Wines in Weehawken; Certified Sommelier & Graduate of WSET Diploma of Wine
  • Jo Pastors: Financial Advisor & Certified Financial Planning Specialist; America’s Top Brokers, Barron’s
  • Ian Rintel: Owner of Hoboken Golf with Over 1,100 Students & 7,000 Lessons (Private and Group Instruction Available)
  • Dan Heim: Realtor & Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Expertise in Hoboken, Jersey City & Jersey’s Gold Coast


Monday, November 12, 2007

125 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Between Clinton & Adams)

Space is Limited. Contact Joel Lejarde to RSVP.
(212) 643-5890 or (800) 223-4565

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Few would argue with first paragraph. Exceptionally common- held thought.

Unfortunately, the stats / facts of second paragraph are true of the painful evaluation process. How very few we considered after interviewing. One.

The third, until his numbers decline, business heads south and his attitude wains, this is what appears.


Words…words…more words. 😐


Because the barriers to entry the real estate profession are relatively minor (exam isn’t difficult), in prosperous business cycles you get many new brokers who aren’t in it for the right reasons, aren’t in it for the long haul and are unscrupulous. They are interested in short term profits only and exit the business as soon as the business cycle changes (which it has). The actions of these give the profession as a whole a bad rap.

Dan Heim has been the only realtor our financial advisory team has chosen to work with in Hoboken and Jersey City. We have evaluated 30+ real estate professionals over the past 4 years, their respective client base and bottom-line business figures. Dan was the only player, finishing considerably ahead of #2 in both categories.

In addition, Dan has chosen real estate as his profession, bringing a decade of research and consulting in real estate, to the plate. He’s made a career of it and his numbers prove it.

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FAP, is that you? So….undiplomatic, assertive. Kids got hutspa!


[quote]I actually got a white powdered wig and a black cloak. [/quote]

Listen Rumpold unless you want to join the tea in the harbor you’ll wise up and get on board. Savvy.