Bijou proposal at 7th & Monroe

Do you want parks or full lot coverage at 630 Monroe?

5/14/2014 10pm Update:

Here’s a quick update to the 630 Monroe / 700 Monroe proposal in Hoboken. An key element to note is – see what the developer has already approved (as of right). They can break ground tomorrow – and start building a 10 story project at 700 Monroe, and build a cookie-cutter 4 story at 630 Monroe. No open space. No free public gymnasium/event space.

That they want to give the community some of what is lacking is quite admirable in fact. Look at many of the 4 – 5 story properties uptown (near and around Shoprite). Those developers gave nothing back.

But in this case – a “trade off” is necessary to reach certain goals.

630 Monroe 700 Monroe zoning approval Hoboken NJ Bijou Properties - Bijou proposal at 7th & Monroe

New development coming near 7th & Monroe in Hoboken

5/14/2014 6am:

700 Monroe Update Bijou Hoboken NJ - Bijou proposal at 7th & MonroeAs a right, property owners in Hoboken (like Bijou Properties in this case), can technically build whatever existing zoning rules allow them to. Without public input or feedback. As far as we know, the two properties at 7th street at Monroe street are currently zoned 14 stories on the north side, and 4 stories on the south side (the Pino site).

The developer can build with full lot coverage, no parks, no public space if they so desired. In other words, the same cookie-cutter look that exists elsewhere in the city. Have you seen those “college dorm like” buildings up by Shoprite? With minimal retail life (currently vacant)?

However, in this circumstance, Bijou did a little out of the box thinking. Because there is a “park / pavillion” scheduled to be built in the parking lot behind the Monroe Center, a 14 story building would essentially make that area “semi-private,” and concealed from sun and “openness.” There are also already approvals for up to two more 14 story buildings on the extreme western edge of the Monroe Center.

So what they’re proposing is to DONATE the north side of 7th Street as park space, as well as an acre on the Pino side – along with an indoor public “athletic” facility, that can serve multiple purposes. (meetings, events, kids recreation). This amounts to nearly a $10 million dollar free donation to the city and public.

In exchange – Bijou wants to build a “condensed” 14 story building on the north half of the Pino site instead. The building would also be LEED Gold, which minimizes the impact on crumbling city infrastructure. You can see the latest rendering below.

Bijou Properties 700 Monroe Project Hoboken NJ proposed - Bijou proposal at 7th & Monroe

Two public meetings to discuss Bijou plans at 7th & Monroe

To open the lines of communication with the public, Bijou is holding to public meetings this week at the Jubilee Center at 6th & Jackson Streets. Tomorrow, Thursday, May 15th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm and Saturday, May 17th from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Note that without any public input or further zoning approvals – they could simply just build the layout all the way to the lot line.

I’d suspect that the public would prefer the extra open space and learn to accept the taller building with a smaller (“eco friendly”) footprint.

(Note: below was the original plan – which has since changed due to other developments in the area…)

Developer Bijou proposes more Hoboken parks

3/14/2013 Update:

Hoboken Parks Update 700 Monroe Pino Bijou Properties West - Bijou proposal at 7th & MonroeWhen the folks at Hoboken City Hall can’t even screw in a light bulb, let alone make progress with parks in our fair city – you sometimes have to rely on private enterprises to pick up the slack. In this instance it’s top developer Larry Bijou of Bijou Properties.

Bijou owns the parcels of land at 700 Monroe Street, as well as the famed Pino site that the city was originally going to move the messy Municipal Garage to. The story on Hoboken411 put an end to that ridiculous idea that would have ruined that neighborhood.

What Bijou is looking to do is build a modest 14-unit building at 700 Monroe (along with a 90 spot automated garage) – however, he needs to transfer the zoning rights from the Pino site across the street in order for that to happen.

In exchange, he’d donate the Pino property to the city for the sole purpose of building a new park for residents to enjoy. Great out of the box thinking from a smart, savvy businessman with high standards for development – an example the city should learn from, that’s for sure.

Instead we have Dawn Zimmer – who said a SW Park was her first priority. Where are we seven years later? We have a better chance of a developer downtown providing open space before you see a blade of grass from the city. Par for the course these days!

Kudos to the guys at Bijou, who are certainly bettering Hoboken with their sensible developments such as the Garden Street Lofts, Edge Lofts, the upcoming Park and Garden Hoboken and this park in the near future. Way to go!

Bijou Properties Park near 700 Monroe Street Pino - Bijou proposal at 7th & Monroe

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It Applied from the shipyard was also supposed to do the same a couple years ago?


This developer seems to get anything he wants from the City.One wonders why. All of this nonsense about “public input” is a smoke screen for what is most likely a done deal. Given that, let him build the public space FIRST and then finish the residential building. We’ve seen this scenario far too many times where the public concessions don’t get built once the residential units are completed.


What about all the homes that people purchased with the idea that they were safe in a 4 story zone? Seems a bit unfair to all of those people to have a monster 14 story building in their backyard?!


The area is currently zoned for a max of 4 stories. 14 stories is hardly “modest”. The park trade off is for a huge zoning variance!!! I have to agree with the above poster. When it snows, they wait for the snow to melt. Aside from that, their sidewalk is in a major state of disrepair and the property is strew with garbage.


This is from the city announcement FYI-
The developer, Bijou Properties, is proposing to condense development onto a portion of those two sites in exchange for providing an acre of land and a public gymnasium to the City. The development would also provide 9 affordable housing units. For this project to viably provide these public benefits, the current proposal includes a taller building (14 stories) on the north end of the Pino property with a total of 181 residential units, 120 parking spaces and ground level retail.
[quote comment=”219890″]The area is currently zoned for a max of 4 stories. 14 stories is hardly “modest”. The park trade off is for a huge zoning variance!!! I have to agree with the above poster. When it snows, they wait for the snow to melt. Aside from that, their sidewalk is in a major state of disrepair and the property is strew with garbage.[/quote]


I’d be happy if these marvelous saints from Bijou would clear the freaking sidewalk along their Pino property after a snow storm. They utterly neglect both the Monroe sidewalk and the Pino sidewalk year after year.

Given the size of that Pino parcel, I’m skeptical that there’s any altruistic motive for donating it. This is Hoboken, after all.