Who’s going to be our next Mayor?


Here’s today’s Political Insider column from the Journal. Agustin Torres is sad that the carnival 4th Ward election is over, with no more “tomatoes, paparazzi and McCann” to talk about. Back to the regularly scheduled council meetings for political entertainment in Hoboken.

See his election recap and thoughts on who’ll be lined up for Mayor in 2009.

Next for Hoboken council: Jockeying for mayor

hoboken-city-hall-benches.jpgIt is over for Chris Campos and it begins anew for Dawn Zimmer, the new 4th Ward City Council member. One of the most entertaining and emotional series of elections in Hoboken history has – sadly for this writer – come to an end.

They were dancing in the street, First Street to be exact. The shouting ranged from unbridled joy to someone having a bad day at the dentist, but it was all good for Zimmer backers.

She won on the machine and the concern for her campaign was what those absentee ballots meant. The Grendel of Hoboken, Gerry McCann, former Jersey City mayor and the man they all hated, had collected several hundred absentee ballots for Campos. Throughout the campaign, no one could put a stake through McCann’s heart. In the end, only about 200 Campos absentees were counted and Zimmer had a number of her own. Campos could not make up the difference, and there are not enough provisionals to save him.

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Campos people believe that the questions brought out the vote and that the cold rain in the morning did not help him. Zimmer people came our later in the afternoon and when people arrived home from work.

A Union City contingent was present at Zimmer headquarters. They hate Mayor and Senator-elect Brian P. Stack and they wanted him to know it. Jose Falto and Frank Scarafile Jr. were among the anti-Stacks who asked this columnist to wish their antagonist “hello.”

Actually, there was little support from Stack and other members of the Democrats for Hudson County. It was not lost on some of the Campos backers who shrugged. They were already gearing up for next week’s City Council meeting. So were the Zimmer people.

“I can’t wait,” said former councilwoman and mayoral candidate Carol Marsh of the council session.

Marsh was constantly talking on two cell phones at once, delivering the news of Zimmer’s victory. “It’s unbelievable,” she repeated into the phones. The Zimmer followers kept telling anyone who would listen that the right person won.

There was some talk by Campos people that the Hudson County Democratic Organization sent people in to help Zimmer. If true, what does it matter?

Following the runoff election, when Campos was forced to seek a new election in the courts, he was pretty much in trouble. It is supposed to be his ward and workers. Some critics within Campos’ campaign said that many of his workers sat on their hands. The candidate may have worked, but the army didn’t happen.

By contrast, Zimmer and her minions worked hard. Last night she was on street corners handing out flyers. There was a determinationon her face.

“Why vote for a Zimmer?” This columnist shouted at her yesterday from a Jeep window.

“Why not?” she fired back and with recognition of her tormentor, she smiled.

The importance of this election is that it was not just for a council seat. Look for Zimmer to get the reformist backing for the mayoral race. The dynamics of the City Council will begin to shift to reflect all the jockeying for next year’s race.

Councilman Michael Russo and Zimmer appear to be the chief rivals. Don’t count out Councilwoman Beth Mason, who left the Zimmer camp and a trace of bitterness among the “reformers.”

So, no more talk about tomatoes, paparazzi, and McCann. What will we do in Hoboken now?

There’s always hope for more soap opera on the council.

Hoboken Mayor Dave Roberts will be excited about the outcome of yesterday’s election – once he gets back from his 10-day trip to Italy. The Campos camp did not seem concerned about the mayor’s absence. Roberts was photographed many times with the candidate and majority members of the City Council. Guess showing those happy faces was not enough for victory.

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[quote comment=”52335″] Before we have that conversation we have Board of Ed elections in April, Democratic Committee Seats and a new Freeholder in June, and the boring process of governing. Much will happen, and much will change.[/quote]
School board is huge. Hopefully the same coalition of reform-minded long-time and newer residents, people in the early years of putting down roots, and people who are fed up with nepotism and fiscal irresponsibility will come together and do it again.

I couldn’t be happier with Dawn being on the council. But people who came out for her need to realize that the school board has major purse strings to manage. We need a majority there just as badly as on the CC or no-bid contracts and giving jobs to friends will continue unabated.

Anyone know what the board’s budget is?

Westsider II
Westsider II

[quote comment=”52372]
Hudson County Alliance (HCA)[/quote]

HobokenCAN is the “Hoboken Community Action Network” … at least I think it is.
I forgot Hudson County Alliance (HCA)… sorry…It’s a great group


[quote comment=”52316″][quote comment=”52225″]Many of you have been politically active in Hoboken for a number of years. One thing that you almost never mention is where a concerned citizen like myself can go to help. What organizations exist, what do they do, and what kind of community assistance do they need? I am sure I am not alone, and this latest election is encouraging.

I am not concerned with whom is running for mayor or any other position, newcomer, BnR, it’s irrelevant to me. I just want to see things change for the better to rid the city of waste and mismanagement.[/quote]

POG (People for Open Government) is a great choice. E-mail Eric Kurta President ekurta@optonline.net. Yhe Kids First school board Team is great too. E-Mail Theresa Minutillo, School Board President at theresa@theresaminutillo.com. Any of the three reform council people: Peter Cunningham at cunninghamforhoboken@gmail.com, Beth Mason at nlll@optonline.net (though she may have another one) and Dawn Zimmer at dawnzimmer@gmail.com or dawnzimmer@optonline.net (I’m not sure which is better). There are other good groups too. Fund for a Better Waterfront, Quality of Life Coalition, Hoboken Family Alliance, HobokenParks.org, Hoboken Harriers, Hoboken Dog Owners, Hoboken Community Action Network. Whew…..

Alternately, you could e-mail me off line at Westsider07030@aol.com and mention your specific areas of interest.[/quote]

Hudson County Alliance (HCA)


I agree with Cat, now Dawn’s work really begins. She’s going to have to dig into the budget, keep working on flooding, make sure parking, traffic, and flooding studies are part of any SW redevelopment plan. She’s got her work cut out for her but I think she’s up to the job.

I disagree with Margret though. Dawn fought a very long and arduous campaign, I think she deserved her moment in the sun.

As for mayor it’s a bit of a ways off and right now I’m far more interested in how Kellen Clemens is shaping up for the JETS.


Typical stupid Journal article….

Zimmer for Mayor please …how bout represent 4th ward for a while

The only bigger joke is sellout Carol Marsh for Mayor….get real!!!

Hoboken can do much better than that “has been faker”….

Peter Cunningham or Beth Mason for starters….

No more frs’s …….fake reformer sellouts please!!!!

If I want patronage I’ll vote for the real thing:
BCBBHR Birthday Card Bowling Ball Head Russo