4th Ward incidents tonight

9:04pm Update:

FYI, with the Zimmer victory, police have closed 1st street, from Grand to Adams. A big party? Or big ruckus?

Congrats again, Dawn.


Zimmer and Husband arrive at city hall, looking confident, but without concrete numbers.

What will the polls say?


Use this thread for any incidents overheard tonight. I’ll be at a remote location partially occupied tonight, but will be connected and listening at times. Email if you come up with some juicy stuff.

8:21pm: Horses on standby at 221 Jackson St. Just in case “mayhem” breaks out.

7:45pm: Word is that they ran out of challenge forms in 4-2… boy this sounds like a pain in the ass.

6:45pm: 2nd & Jefferson.. “Noisy Campos supporters on the street”… told to “tone it down”

6:20pm: Not 4th Ward, but there was a trash compactor fire at 455 9th street (location where some alleged Campos team members setup some new residents to live, in exchange for votes, etc)

6:09pm: 3rd & Jackson. Multiple units requested for an altercation at one of the polling places.

A product idea for next election: something that should be sold at the PATH for those who already voted, and get REALLY pissed at the sidewalk supporters.


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i told the ladies in 4-2 that they were doing a good job (this was at 9:30 am when there was a big line) – they lit up with big smiles – sounded like the first time they got a thank you in years…


All the workers at 221 Jackson were great EXCEPT for the one running the show. A change in management is in order at that particular polling place.

FAP is probably more fair with respect to his appraisal of Booth. After all, he spent the better part of the day at the same table with him. I’ve still got too much anger to be that congenial. Too bad McCann didn’t stop by. I’ve been hoping to meet his bully self in person.


[quote comment=”52089″]I was a challenger for the 4-3 district at 221 Jackson. The overzealous challenger at the 4-2 polling station across the room was none other than Alexander Booth, Campos’s trial lawyer, paid to hassle the Zimmer voters all day long. Many thanks to the Zimmer folks who waited in the long lines – the woman in charge of the polling place was an absolute idiot with a lousy attitude – and more thanks still for putting up with Booth’s antics. Whatta day![/quote]

In fairness the Judge for 4-3 was an idiot but the women at 4-2, at least the portion of the day I was there, were very fair.

It’s confusing because both the 2nd and 3rd districts vote at the same place and the crappy judge would walk around trying to throw her weight around.

Booth isn’t a bad guy. Alex Booth knows the rules, is very good at what he does, was hired to help Chris, and did so to the best of his abilities. I don’t like who he represents but I respect his abilities.

Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo

Man driving his handicapp scooter down 1st street at 9pm – in the middle of the street/swerving all over the street with a red campos shirt – only half on though, it seemed that he could only get 1 arm through


[quote]9:04pm Update:

FYI, with the Zimmer victory, police have closed 1st street, from Grand to Adams. A big party? Or big ruckus?[/quote]

A little bit of both 🙂

Our old Pal Nick Calicchio did angrily drive through, but didn’t hit any of, the revelers.

Poor Ncal sold himself for nothing. Wonder if he’s still getting the Housing Authority apartment he was promised.