Get out and vote (again!)


After Zimmer’s 1070-956 victory, some post-election speeches from both candidates:

11:01pm Update:

Congratulations Dawn Zimmer,

As you know, Hoboken411 hasn’t really supported either candidate, and we’re focused on making Hoboken better overall. Maybe Campos was not the best candidate, but now is your chance to PROVE why people voted for you, and please note that you’ve been given the PRIVILEGE to represent the 4th Ward, we urge you to make a difference finally. If you want to be a “different” politician, you need to be in constant contact with your constituents, listen to resident complaints, and have an open forum on your website, or come on 411 and respond to people’s issues directly, at the most visited web community in Hudson County.

ALL EYES ARE ON YOU NOW, DAWN. Let’s see how you do!

Congrats again, and *good luck*.

9:16pm FINAL:

Dawn Zimmer: 1,070
Chris Campos: 956

9:08pm Update:

Apparently those absentees aren’t “official” yet (what? – are they “finding” new ones under the sofa cushions)… but the fact that there is a 118 vote differential, this website thinks the outcome will be no different.

If I’m wrong, just buy me another beer. I have a dart match soon.

8:43pm Update:


Campos 208
Zimmer 144


Zimmer by +182

Zimmer ahead by 118 overall.

Zimmer claims victory

11/6/2007 update:

Not including absentee ballots…

According to reader NAF (who correctly called the previous elections spot on), said the following:

4-1: Zimmer 265; Campos 137
4-2: Zimmer 472; Campos 49
4-3: Zimmer 131; Campos 178
4-4: Zimmer 178; Campos 384.

“Zimmer wins”


Pretty simple. If you live in the 4th Ward, please vote today, so that it can be the third (and last) time we have to deal with this election.

Residents of all Wards can also vote for the “pretty much no contest” Senate / Assembly / County Executive / Sheriff / Clerk races if you wish. Don’t forget about the public questions too, such as Stem Cell research and the Hoboken Municipal Open Space tax.

hoboken no vote no voice 2 tg nov 6 2007 - Get out and vote (again!)

4th ward random cartoon page 4 - Get out and vote (again!)

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[quote comment=”52039″][quote comment=”52032″]
And I the best pints of Stella. Sweet sweet victory. I’m drunk, and welcome with open arms tomorrow’s hangover. Because when my eyes open and I remember the night before, the smile across my face will be fabulous. Just fabulous. Tomorrow’s a new day….and if I’m correct the date of the next Council meeting….with all chairs filled…as they should be.

And for a moment, the world was just right.

Le sigh…[/quote]
Missed you last night. I would definitely have added a Stella to the fire. But I bet there’s at least one more party ahead for this victory for Hoboken and fiasco for its enemies within and without. We’ll meet then. Clear your head for it. We won’t all be so tired next time, and having a party will be the ‘main event’.[/quote]

I look forward to that meeting…Westful. We shall drink pints together!


I could use a wed afternoon laugh, where is that video of Chris saying “I won on the machines twice, not once…but twice”. What a tool. I wish I had a camcorder the night after the first election, when he prematurely had a celebration in the projects, yelling into his megaphone, dancing, etc.


good one, judge


It’s easy to grin where your ship comes in and you’ve got the stock market beat. But a (WOMAN) worthwhile is a (WOMAN) that can smile when she’s got Campos beat!

Thank you Dawn for your ardent support of Hoboken and the issues that are so important to us all. You and your family have endured enormous slander and accusations all to serve us and that will not be forgotten.

I bet you never knew how much your marathon training was equiping you for these elections.


How many people that voted absentee in round 2, voted at the polls for round 3?