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Silver Celebration: Hoboken’s Litzky Public Relations

LPR 25 years Hoboken NJYou ever wonder what that “LPR” is along the Hoboken Waterfront – It’s Litzky Public Relations. They’ve only been on the waterfront for the past five years, but have reached their “Silver” anniversary – 25 years in business!

Born and raised in New Jersey, agency president and founder Michele Litzky launched LPR in 1988. Today the agency employs more than 18 PR professionals, who bring strategic public relations and marketing services to high-profile clientele, such as Hasbro, Moose Toys and Mamas & Papas, to name a few.

In honor of the agency’s silver anniversary, Michele will be joined by her employees as they work together to complete 25 different community service projects throughout 2013, from food and clothing drives to mentoring and fundraising, in and around Hoboken, NJ.

Hoboken is more than just a home to the LPR office; nearly half of LPR’s employees currently reside in the city as well.

Litzky PR Hoboken NJ 25 year anniversary

LPR – Marketing, Hoboken, staying ahead – and the future

Hoboken411 asked Michele Litzky a few questions about her business and Hoboken.

Hoboken411: Have you been in Hoboken the whole 25 years? You had an office on Garden Street before your current waterfront location. Where did it all start?

Michele Litzky Hoboken NJMichele Litzky: My first two offices were actually in my apartment. In the first, a great duplex with garden on East 87th Street in Manhattan, the only place to put a desk was the alcove in my bedroom. My shoes were my view. I had promised myself a better apartment if still in business after a year, and in my new apartment, office #2 was actually the dining room. After a short move to an office in Short Hills, 600 Hudson was my lucky charm (Frank Sinatra used to perform there when it was the Union Club).

When we outgrew that space, I found 88 Garden, which we’d outgrown before we even moved in. So, we looked for a place in Hoboken that we could grow into and found our 3rd ‘real’ office on the waterfront. Look for the red awnings on your next stroll down Sinatra…

H411: I noticed it seems like the majority of your clients are kids-based or toy oriented. Is that what you enjoy doing most? Or just happened because of your first client?

Litzky PR Hoboken NJ Mamas PapasML: It’s a combination of the two. I had built a reputation within the toy industry so it was natural for the business to grow in that field.

The expertise we gained – in talking to moms and dads – gave us the skill set and knowledge to work with any company that has kids of any age as the end user.

So if kids play with it, eat it, read it or are entertained by it, you’re in our wheel house. I also believe, however, that if you understand the science of public relations, you can succeed in telling anyone’s story.

H411: If there is a market you haven’t covered yet – which one would you be most excited to test the waters in?

ML: I’ve always been a great believer in being a generalist. My job is to keep current and ahead of the curve in the public relations industry. My challenge – and I think what brings the most excitement to everyone at LPR – is our ability to embrace any industry to which we are introduced. We’re all quick studies. It’s nice that we only have one learning curve. We’ve recently gone back into the juvenile products area and will be introducing Great Britain’s favorite baby brand to the US market – just in time for the royal birth. We’re doing a lot of work in the non-profit area. We would love to do something with sports – had women been a part of the front office when I was starting my career, I’m not sure Litzky PR would even exist.

H411: What is one thing special about your business being located in Hoboken that you most likely wouldn’t have elsewhere?

Litzky PR Hoboken NJ TransformersML: Hoboken is like Litzky PR. In many ways, it’s one of the best kept secrets. I came to Hoboken when I needed a better commute from the Upper East Side to Short Hills. Now it’s LPR’s home and home to many of our employees as well. We say it on our website, ‘there’s nothing small town about Hoboken.’ For those of us who strive for a work/leisure balance that’s actually balanced, working in Hoboken, which gives all of us a big city life with a small town feel, is perfect. We have everything we need at our fingertips, ease in getting anywhere and a strong sense of community. We all felt Sandy, even those of us who had the good fortune of not having any damage.

H411: What does the future look like for LPR? What can you imagine it in 25 years from now?

ML: We have experienced incredible growth in the past five years, both in our staff and our client base. I see no reason that should not continue – we have everything we need in place. I’m excited to see the professional growth of our staff – they meet new challenges head on and are eager to keep learning and moving forward – to the benefit of all of our clients. We try to stay ahead of the curve so that our clients are able to move seamlessly through the media landscape. As for 25 years from now, I would imagine the agency to be very much as it is today – an amazing team of smart, dedicated people working tirelessly and doing what they love. It would be nice to still be in our amazing waterfront space.

H411: With the rapidly changing technology and communications landscape – that most certainly makes your job harder. Do you feel that social media is diluting the importance of a message or a brand?

Litzky PR Hoboken NJ PlayskoolML: Fortunately, we recognized the change in the communications landscape and made adjustments before many of our clients asked us to. In many ways, we’re expected to identify and modify when changes occur. We still do what we do; we have just taken the conversation and made it more expansive. For some clients, being visible in all platforms is a necessity. You have to lead the conversation and not just be reactive.

When the buzz around social media started and everyone was running to get on board, we recognized that at some point, after the ‘newness’ wore off, we would be left with new channels in which to reach our target audiences.

H411: Would you rather it be like it was 10 years ago when things were simpler, easier to manage?

ML:I try not to look back. Simple and easy were never my buzz words. To be strategic in this business, you have to understand why things change and be able to make the changes easier for clients to understand and adapt to.

H411: What types of small businesses do you think would benefit most by having a PR firm if they don’t have one now? Who absolutely does NOT need help from a PR firm?

ML:I think it makes sense for any business – large or small – to look at the way in which it communicates with its customer and to evaluate what the conversation looks like. Who are you trying to reach? If you’re a local business, get involved with the community. Become a presence.

H411: What else?

ML: We love the city that LPR calls home and will be celebrating 25 years in business (21 of which were here in the Mile Square) and our Hoboken heritage by completing 25 community service projects throughout Hoboken in 2013. We’ve identified and been in contact with several local organizations, but would be happy to hear from any others in need of volunteers. The Litzky lady coordinating these efforts is Tara Delchop (

Congratulations again, on 25 years!


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Way to go, Hoboken business! While they cannot credit the full 25 years to our city, they do have a positive outlook in general. Maybe in 4 years Michele can do a special Hoboken dedication?