No gum, seeds, candy or soda

[Continuing the original Hoboken411 photo series: Where is this?…]

Where is this “No Gum” sign in Hoboken?

Have you ever seen this “No Gum” sign in Hoboken?

I know, at first thought you’re probably thinking this is next on NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s list of psychotic control measures he wants to inflict on the people in “his” city – but it’s not. It’s right here in Hoboken.

Speaking of that moronic soda ban in New York. How in God’s name did anyone, at any point take that “legislation” seriously? It’s so asinine on so many levels. It will not prevent people from consuming multiple smaller sodas, will cause hardship on families, create more waste – and more importantly, add additional layers of government in order to “regulate” such nonsense.

Was that ban honestly to “help” people? Or just a ego-trip?

Frankly – it might even be a stepping stone for more civil liberties being taken away. You know the “boil the frog slowly” technique. End of rant.

Where is this sign in Hoboken?

No gum sign in Hoboken NJ - No gum, seeds, candy or soda

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If this sign is at the Little League field then it makes perfect sense. The purpose is to keep the artificial turf clean, and free from gum, sunflower seeds, sticky candy etc. I find this a reasonable goal, and I am not sure why Hoboken411 has an issue with it. Of course I am assuming that John14 is correct.


The little league field they’re tearing up.

joey maxim
joey maxim

no mention of that in the bible (john 14) thank the lord.[quote comment=”219818″]The little league field they’re tearing up.[/quote]