Infomercial Garbage in Hoboken!

Don’t buy the hype! Infomercial Garbage in Hoboken

Here’s one trend I see all the time – but haven’t really mentioned here on Hoboken411. It’s the amount of Infomercial garbage in Hoboken I see on a weekly basis.

I’ve seen them all! But most popular infomercial garbage is this Shark vacuum. They have such presence on late-night TV, that it suckers so many unsuspecting customers into buying the garbage, it’s pathetic! The thing is an over-priced, under-performing piece of crap! Goes to show you the power of marketing (i.e., brainwashing)!

Additionally – I’ve seen other junk on the sidewalks like exercise machines and other appliances that were once considered “must have” items, that eventually ended up in the dump.

What does that tell you about the power of television indoctrination?

Infomercial garbage in Hoboken NJ

What suckers you into buying infomercial garbage in Hoboken?

Business Pundit ran down the top 5 ways infomercials convince you to buy useless crap – and my favorite was “TV Personalities and Comedy”:

Billy Mays Sham Wow informercial garbage in Hoboken“It may seem silly to think that the weird and wacky varieties of Billy Mays could actually sell anything, but these people are more convincing than we give them credit for.

Celebrity endorsements are probably the hardest hitters; anyone and their dad who liked George Foreman bought his greasy little grill. Throw Chuck Norris into an infomercial — the product could be a perfume to attract rabid wolves and people would be clamoring to purchase it.

Billy Mays and the ShamWow! were also great at selling their product, but in different ways. Housewives everywhere began to recognize and trust the Billy Mays image, while the ShamWow! guy’s success (if any), came from his comical arrest when he beat up a prostitute. This type of comedy, whether it’s from May’s screaming or ShamWow!’s erratic personality, provides us with laughter — which keeps us watching the infomercial.

Not to mention the many people who have most certainly purchased products like the Snuggie or the Dog Snuggie just for how ridiculous and comical it is.”

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If you haven’t watched TV in 5 years how did you know what the Shark is?
I watch TV and have never heard of it before.