Hoboken Lepre-Con Harlem Shake

You know you’ve seen this: Hoboken Lepre-con Harlem Shake!

Hoboken Lepre-Con Harlem Shake why so popularHoboken411 reader TJ wanted to share this Harlem Shake video that took place during the Hoboken Leprecon “festivities” from this past weekend.

They were enjoying a civil house party downtown at the SkyClub during the “big event,” and luckily the Hoboken Lepre-con 2013 Police Blotter had no complaints that were filed against the shin-dig in that building (from what we heard at least!)

In case you didn’t know – the Harlem Shake is a YouTube phenomenon… inspiring thousands of “knock-off” videos that try to imitate the original (I know the feeling…)

The Harlem Shake is a dance move that originated in the early 80’s, but was brought back into the spotlight by musical artist Baauer with his song of the same name last year.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the Hoboken Lepre-Con Harlem Shake video. Your thoughts?

Also – if you need more input on what this whole “Harlem Shake” phenomenon is – here’s a compilation of knockoffs:

As well as the original song in it’s entirety:

And how Harlem residents feel about the whole “trending” of the video…

Just another distraction in the minds of everyone…

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I want to know why this is so popular too.