Fireworks, shots or nothing?


At about 9:55pm, multiple calls came in reporting the sounds of “shots fired” near first and Grand streets. Some kind of commotion, screaming, yelling, etc.

Other people think it’s firecrackers or something similar. Various locations given, Adams, Observer, etc. Additionally, the “screaming” may have come from the Hockey game on 2nd street.

Who knows what it is. Most likely nervous residents, especially with the upcoming 4th Ward election.


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I live on Grand btw Newark and First and heard the pops. At first I thought it was my heating unit, but then I heard yelling. I’m pretty sure I heard a guy yell “B*tch *ss m*therf*cker” before a series of pops. However, it was far too faint to be gunshots. It sounded almost like a child’s capgun at best. In fact, when I stepped onto my balcony afterwards, it almost smelled like a capgun.