Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

Hoboken Police Blotter for LepreCon 2013

Click below to see the lengthy play-by-play police blotter for Hoboken Leprecon 2013!

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2012 - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

Hoboken Police Blotter for LepreCon 2013

11:47pm: Fight inside Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Situation now under control. Angry Meat – a new game for the iPhone!

11:20pm: Black Pontiac Firebird (NY Plates) wanted for hit & run at 1st & Willow. Now heading uptown on Washington St. from First. This car struck “several parked cars” according to HPD and has a NY Islanders sticker on bumper. This guy is toast if they catch him…

11:14pm: Drunk male apparently scaling a fire escape near 3rd & Court Streets – “banging on a window” according to HPD. Maybe it’s Hoboken Spiderman?

11:01pm: Drunk female passes out inside Rite Aid uptown at 13th & Willow. She was also apparently meddling with products, opening them, etc. PS – only four ambulances now working the city until midnight.

10:47pm: Police make arrest and tow vehicle near 44 Newark Street. Not sure if they did a field sobriety test, or he had an outstanding warrant. Either way, the guy was cuffed and carted to imprisonment.

10:43pm: Police en route to 227 Washington St. for yet another rumbling house party. The “gift” that keeps on giving today…

Hoboken411 Note: As of 10:35pm, incidents noticeably slowing down, however – as I type this EMS is en route to 12th & Willow for a “drunk man down.”

Hoboken Leprecon Shamrock Skull - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 201310:07pm: “Brush fire near 12th & Monroe.” HFD responding. I knew there would be some kind of fire before midnight!
Update: HFD having a tough time finding it…
Update 2: They couldn’t locate it. Could have been sparks from the PSE&G grid.

10:01pm: “Belligerent Male in street” outside The Shannon on First Street. Golly gee! I wonder why?

10:00pm: Dentist Spinnato’s office at 901 Washington Street was broken into and burglarized. Ouch! Like pulling teeth!

Hoboken411 Note: Be advised that there have been dozens of open container tickets ($2g a pop) and public urination tickets that were issued today and not mentioned here…

9:53pm: Two males “fighting in the common hallway” at 1017 Jefferson St. Apparently an innocent bystander / neighbor was also knocked down during the melee. HPD en route. One of the many troubles with city living…

9:32pm: Unruly group reported near 3rd & Court. HPD about to set them in line. What can you say about packs of obnoxious drunks at this point?

9:30pm: Reveler enjoyed one too many at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten uptown at 15th & Grand EMS rolling. You gotta pace yourself with heavy German brews!

9:25pm: Disorderly party reported at 303 Jefferson St. HPD heading over. Even I’m getting tired of these!

9:22pm: Disorderly party near 9th & Willow. HPD dispatched to quell the situation. Is anyone tired yet? Jeez!

9:19pm: Another fender bender at 15th & Park. No injuries, but the calamities continue to mount here in town. Will it get worse or better from this point forward?

9:12pm: Crazy drunks smash storefront windows of Washington Liquors at 211 Washington St. Don’t try buying more booze when you’re shit-faced, please!

9:07pm: Car crash with injuries at 13th & Willow. Offending car fled scene. HPD and EMS en route. How is that possible with a traffic signal there?
Update: Car that fled was a dark-colored SUV with heavy front-end damage” according to HPD

9:00pm: Unruly drunk arrested in front of Mulligan’s bar at 1st & Bloomfield. At least the bar took as much money from them as they could. All in the name of “the economy.”

8:55pm: “Fire escape party” near 5th & Adams. Luckily no one plunged to their death (yet).

8:50pm: Couple refuses to leave DC’s Tavern dive bar at 505 8th St. It is a really good bar, don’t blame ’em!

8:42pm: Hit and Run accident near 15 Church Towers. Car long gone. Apparently a Mercedes. A whole lotta trouble if you get busted… better to run?

Hoboken Leprecon priceless - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

8:36pm: Fight reported near 6th & Jefferson Hoboken PD on the way. Scuffle over the last warm can of Coors Light?

8:28pm: Hispanic male wearing grey hoodie apparently trying to break into Our Lady of Grace church at 4th & Willow. God have mercy!
Update: “Orlando” was arrested. Apparently “a local” trouble-maker.

8:24pm: Reports of a “highly intoxicated male” in front of 7 Eleven on Washington Street. EMS on the way. Maybe it was just a Slurpee head freeze?

8:22pm: 7th & Park – reports of a “man down.” EMS on the way. Unless he was assaulted – why rush to help?

8:16pm: Sidewalk disturbance near Pita Grill (324 Washington St.) A violent discussion about “where did we go wrong in life?”

Hoboken Leprecon drunk pukes - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 20138:06pm: Drunk refuses to leave Wicked Wolf at 120 Sinatra Drive. Probably can’t get enough of their sub-standard bar food!

7:36pm: Drunk kicks door down at 315 Monroe St. Oh boy, now that it’s dark out – the freaky drunks come out!

7:32pm: Dipshit drunk kicks mirror off car near 4th & Monroe – RIGHT IN FRONT OF A COP. Promptly arrested. This type of incident pissed me off. Inconveniencing people for no reason.

7:28pm: Hoboken Fire Department responding to 219 11th St. for alarms activated. Probably careless cooking – but anything nutty can happen today…

7:22pm: “Unconscious Male” at 323 Jackson Street. Hoboken EMS en route. Can’t we just let him sleep?.

7:20pm: Disorderly Party Ground Zero – 202 and 227 Clinton both have coppers responding now. Lather, rinse, repeat.

7:18pm: Fight reported on Monroe St. between 2nd & 3rd. If they hate each other, why not let ’em have at it? Free entertainment.

7:11pm: Woman reportedly assaulted near 5th & Washington Streets. Seriously – the ladies not having good luck today in Hoboken.

7:09pm: Cops responding to yet another unruly house party at 101 Willow Ave. downtown. Broken record, for real.

7:03pm: Woman urinating on CD’s inside Tunes store downtown. We know you prefer mp3’s – but seriously? Why the hate?

7:02pm: Fist fight reported at Spa Diner downtown. Disco fries do that to you when you realize you get NO disco with the fries.

This sums it all up:
Leprecon shitfaced in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

6:57pm: Disorderly drunk arrested at 5th & Bloomfield. Getting drunk is fine, but why take it too far?

6:54pm: Berserk maniac “assaulting everyone inside the Domino’s Pizza” downtown, according to HPD. Carbs will make you more violent, studies show.

6:4pm: Disorderly drunk arrested near 9th & Washington. Apparently damaging cars by walking all over them. Maybe we can just all walk on HIM as punishment?

6:35pm: More bumpin’ house parties angering neighbors near 6th & Jefferson. Cops en route to baby sit. Maybe the neighbors are mad they didn’t get invited?

6:30pm: Fireworks reportedly being launched off rooftops near 7th & Bloomfield. Cops couldn’t identify exact offender. Flag this area for potential fire.

6:23pm: Port Authority arrests a drunk who tried breaking into their Emergency Services truck downtown by the Hudson Place Dunkin’ Donuts. His favorite TV game show? Press Your Luck. No whammies.. No whammies!

6:18pm: Out of control LUNATIC blocking traffic and throwing debris at cars on Garden Street between 13th & 14th. Hope it’s not BATH SALTS!

6:15pm: Hoboken Fire Department responding to 450 5th St. for alarms activated. Still no major fire in Hoboken – but people are smelling smoke and wondering where it’s coming from..

6:10pm: Disorderly house party at 101 Clinton Street. Supposed “Super vs. Tenant” dispute brewing. Mr. Roper vs. Jack Tripper.

Hoboken Leprecon Tidbit: Did you know that we had seven ambulances servicing Hoboken today?

5:57pm: Fight reported at TEAK downtown by the PATH Station. Port Authority first to respond. You think Red Bull contributes?
TEAK Hoboken Leprecon - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

5:55pm: Fight reported at Johnny Rockets near 2nd & Washington Streets. Doubt it’s because he didn’t get pickles on his burger..

5:55pm: Ambulance dispatched to 503 First St. for alcohol-related medical crisis. If livers were on the stock market, I’d short them.

5:50pm: Female assaulted near 510 Washington St. Boy, it’s time to open a battered woman shelter here in Hoboken!
Update: One arrest made. “Domestic assault.”

5:45pm: Police dispatched to 816 Bloomfield St. for – guess! Tomorrow morning will be nice & quiet!

5:40pm: Unruly house party at 1115 Washington St. shut down. Citations issued. They’ll do it again next year – at someone else’s apartment!

5:15pm: Hudson County Sheriffs dealing with “disorderly group” near 505 Madison St. Resolved amicably. Amazing it wasn’t an all-out fracas.

5:05pm: Debris landing on the sidewalk (cans, cups) in front of 405 Washington St. HPD already issued for disorderly party – they will issue again, and break up the party. Is it really worth the financial cost and humiliation?

5:00pm: Disorderly party at 6th & Garden St. “urinating in the yard.” Man, guys have such weak-ass bladders.

4:45pm: As posted on the Hoboken411 Twitter Feed – Angry drunks smashing windows at 404 Adams St. and 734 Garden. Leprecon SANDY

4:30pm: Hoboken Fire Department responding to 106 Clinton St. for alarms activated. Told to “use caution.” What are the going odds for a major fire breaking out before midnight? 10 to 1?

4:20pm: Reports of a disorderly parties at 330 and 1217 Washington St. At what point does a neighbor call PD? Do they have decibel meters?

4:10pm: Man allegedly beating on a woman outside 5 Church Towers. Who needs to watch TV when you have LIVE reality on every block?

3:50pm: Don’t feel left out! You can still get “green” stuff over at United Decorating (421 Washington St.)
United Decorating Hoboken NJ St. Paddys clothing - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

3:45pm: Man wearing “rainbow hat” allegedly assaulting girlfriend in elevator at 300 Adams Street. Some balls this guy has.

3:40pm: “Heavily intoxicated girl” at 10th & Willow needs ambulance according to HPD. We can all agree “she swallows.”

3:35pm multi-update: Street fight at 2nd & Court Streets which seems under control, and two arrests at Newark & River Streets. Pace is picking up, people!

3:30pm: Drunk in bad shape at the Fresh U Grill store at 70 Hudson St. Hoboken EMS en route. Does the veggie juice he drank before conking out make him a “healthier drunk?”

3:10pm: HPD also tending to a roof-party at 79 Madison St. No reports yet that debris is flying from this location. Give it time, PD, give it time…

3:00pm: Reports of an unruly roof-party at 66 Madison St. “throwing stuff off the roof.” Science FACT: BAC% UP ▲ = Judgment DOWN ▼

2:50pm: Hoboken EMS dispatched to 1st & River Streets to care for a severely intoxicated person. Shouldn’t they require pre-payment for stuff like this?

2:40pm: Reports that a house party at 75 Monroe St. is charging guests an entry fee. That may be against the law apparently, as police are en route. Guess a lot of freeloaders trying to swig beer at no charge?

2:30pm Mid-day photo update: Washington Street downtown is truly a “sea of green” as you can see in the photos below. Uptown much less active.

2:20pm: “Woman down” in front of Arthur’s Steakhouse at 3rd & Washington. You think a beverage had anything to do with it?
Update: She was under-age.

2:10pm: Unruly house party at 405 Washington St. All fun and games until someone gets hurt.

2:05pm: Hoboken Fire Department responded to 1210 Hudson St. for alarms activated. Malicious false. Peeps have problems.

2:00pm: Cars collide at 11th & Park. No injuries reported. Can you explain how these car crashes happen?

1:50pm: Hoboken Fire Department responded to 809 Castle Point Terrace (a Stevens frat house) for alarms activated. Someone shot off the fire extinguisher which offset alarms. Drunk hijinks blocks several roads and probably cost a couple hundred bucks in burnt fuel. You wonder why taxes are so high?

1:40pm: Hoboken Police and Fire responding to 528 Jefferson for “overcrowding.” Will issue “disorderly party” summonses. But at least you’ll be a legend for 3 seconds on Facebook.

1:35pm: “Piss party” at 91 Monroe Street broken up. Over 120 people drunks dispersed into the neighborhood. Sort of like turning on the lights in a roach infested ghetto hotel.

1:18pm: Hoboken character update: Man pissing out window at 91 Monroe Street. In a home with modern plumbing nonetheless. Stay classy, dude!

1:15pm: HPD issues more “open container” summonses near 10th & Park. More money for city hall pay raises! Seriously – do you need to drink that badly that you’d be willing to pay two grand for the pleasure?

1:10pm: Disorderly drunk arrested across the street from Nag’s Head bar on 1st St. “Drunks arrested per hour” set to progressively increase as the day progresses. Hydrate, people!

1:00pm: HPD responding to a “loud house party” near 6th & Garden. Who woulda thunk the book club / meditation meetup was on the same day as Leprecon? DAMNIT!

Building Hoboken Character: Drunks destroy innocent tree near 6th & Hudson. Making up for inferiority in other places…
Drunk Hoboken Leprecon destroyed tree 6th Hudson - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

11:50am: Hoboken OEM was pursuing a Jersey City cab that didn’t stop for them, and almost hit them near 6th & Park. HPD called off the pursuit, will issue summons via mail. What they hell are they meddling with people traveling freely around town for?

11:30am: HPD issues two tickets for open containers downtown near the PATH station. Ka-Ching!

11:00am: Someone called HPD to report a group of revelers carrying (and drinking) cases of beer near Newark & Grand Streets. Hoboken cops couldn’t find them before they got where they were going. I think the $2,000 open container fine is utterly ridiculous, but why give the city free money? Don’t be an idiot!

10:40am: Man “passed out” at Rome Pizza downtown. PD and EMS en route. First of many today. Why does anyone have to respond to these calls. The guy voluntarily did it to himself!

9:25am: Hoboken Police announce: “The first wave of drinkers arrived at train station.” To celebrate the memory of a parade that isn’t happening anywhere in town…

9:15am: “Criminal Mischief” at 415 Bloomfield Street. Likely the first of many today. Shit’s just gonna get busted up all over Hoboken…

8:42am: Cops track down the maroon hoodie sexual fondler from the 8:15am call, and apprehend him after a foot pursuit. This actor also attempted to steal the woman’s purse in addition to the inappropriate touching. Way to go, Hoboken PD. Who said you guys were out of shape?

8:30am: Cops dispatched to noise complaint at 659 1st Street. You think it’s drunks? Nope. Toddlers playing with toys. They just don’t build condos good at all anymore.

8:15am: Woman sexually “fondled” near 1017 Jefferson Street. Actor is a black male wearing a maroon hoodie. Last seen running southbound.

7:16am: Great start to the morning – Empire Coffee at 4th & Bloomfield had their front door kicked in already.

Hoboken Leprecon Crime and Fire Action Blotter


Like it or not, Hoboken Leprecon will dominate the day tomorrow!

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2012 - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2013

Hoboken prepares for Lepre-Con – Police ready

Just like Hoboken Leprecon 2012Hoboken411 will be keeping readers informed with a constantly updated incident report log throughout the day tomorrow for Leprecon.

Based on the Hoboken LepreCon poll results – it’s clear that residents in town are concerned about how the day will pan out – for better or worse.

Bookmark this thread and check back often to see how the day progresses!

You can follow Hoboken411 on Twitter to get updates that might not make this section tomorrow as well.

Good luck with whatever you do (and be sure to hydrate if you plan on drinking!)


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Monday, March 4, 2013 4:17 pm

Still out of control, I see. I remember when it wasn’t so bad…$5 covers if anything at all; you could actually bar hop a little. This was the mid to late ’90s and early ’00s. There’d be like a ten minute wait to get into Miss Kitty’s at 1PM.

It got bad around the mid ’00s. Correlates well with the emergence of social media: easier to coordinate mob activities.

Farewell, Hoboken of olde…we hardly knew ye!

Monday, March 4, 2013 2:06 pm

I don’t know where Zimmer was, but I remember Roberts used to spend most of the day in the bars with a big entourage getting free drinks, so maybe she was doing something similar?

Man there’s always SO much anger on here. Glitzygirl, I’m going to venture a guess that you just bought a place in town recently? There’s an awful lot of anger unless you were personally assaulted or something.

The truth is this: 98% of the people have a good time and don’t get in trouble. 2% do, and they should pay the price for it. It happens anywhere where there’s alcohol, whether it’s a concert, a sporting event or anything else. Heck, I was reading that the hunt might start going alcohol-free. Unless there’s a specific law passed where bars aren’t allowed to promote these kinds of things, the free market will allow them to make as much profit as they can which includes these events.

Hoboken has always been a town where bars drive a huge part of the local economy. You could try to make it into Madison or Short Hills but with the proximity to the city and the long-established bar and restaurant scene it won’t be easy. I’ve lived here 15 years now and although a lot has changed the bars are still the mainstay.

Sunday, March 3, 2013 8:25 pm

I’m sure the city would say that check points cost money and aren’t effective…..RIGHHHHHHT. I mean, then that would deter people from coming into town to begin with but why try something different because something might amount to it that would be successful.

Reply to  LobstaGirl
Sunday, March 3, 2013 10:35 pm

Of course it would cost the city a ton of$$$$$ because like just like you said it would stop out of towners from coming in. But at what cost ?? Is some innocent person going to have get killed by a drunk driver B4 they do something about it???
Its sad really all they care about is bringing in the money and the residents have to suffer.
Makes you feel real good when your taxes get hiked![quote comment=”219758″]I’m sure the city would say that check points cost money and aren’t effective…..RIGHHHHHHT. I mean, then that would deter people from coming into town to begin with but why try something different because something might amount to it that would be successful.[/quote]

Sunday, March 3, 2013 5:28 pm

The drunks were out in full force yesterday… Even berating my pregnant wife for not wearing green.

Reply to  homeworld
Sunday, March 3, 2013 6:36 pm

I hope they were one the idiots arrested . Its sad because you could have fun if you knew how to act. BUT we all know thats not happening anytime soon![quote comment=”219755″]The drunks were out in full force yesterday… Even berating my pregnant wife for not wearing green.[/quote]

Sunday, March 3, 2013 2:21 am

Where was Zimmer to report all this good stuff and stand on city halls steps or get on the news, was she hiding, was she out of town, or did she just not give a _ _ _ _ about tax paying citizens?

Reply to  LobstaGirl
Sunday, March 3, 2013 7:29 am

I saw here out walking her dog at 9:45am yesterday morning. She looked worried.
She was probably hiding in her apartment all day.[quote comment=”219750″]Where was Zimmer to report all this good stuff and stand on city halls steps or get on the news, was she hiding, was she out of town, or did she just not give a _ _ _ _ about tax paying citizens?[/quote]

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