4th Annual Silent Auction: Tonight!

12/5/2007 Reminder:

Tonight, starting at 7pm.

Benefit for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter

Hoboken Homeless Shelter“You are invited to the 4th Annual Silent Auction to benefit the Hoboken Homeless ShelterWednesday, December 5th from 7 to 10pm at “TEAK on the Hudson“. Teak is located across from the PATH station and is truly one of Hoboken’s premier event spaces.

We are asking for minimum donation of $25 at the door with half price drinks and complimentary appetizers being served. Come get an early jump on your holiday shopping while supporting a great cause in our community! We are in the process of lining up many exciting items for silent bidding this year. If you or someone you know might have potential auction items or access to items (such as tickets to local sporting events & theater, gift certificates or items from Hoboken retail stores, restaurants, bars, etc), please contact me at todd.kinney@yahoo.com.

Through this event, we hope to raise money for the shelter while increasing the awareness of the shelter and its benefit to our community. With that in mind, please spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers that might be interested in supporting and learning more about the shelter.”

Teak Hoboken

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Tama Murden

Re 27. Thanks for the “sobering” reality check. With an important historical perspective.

Yes, the shelter has been an important transition for so many. Especially homeless veterans.

And Sr. Norberta has been tirelessly consistent, around no substance abuse. If you’re drunk &/or high, you can’t get a bed.

And get ready folks….Iraq will trump Viet Nam, in that regard.

So even more reason to support this important cause. And/or lobby your elected officials to fund services—so many homeless folks are either veterans, and/or domestic violence survivors.

We’d all do well to get our heads out of the sand.


honcho wrote:

[quote comment=”56626″]
Bet you won’t see any ex-homeless employees at All Saints Development!!!!

Hey LaBruno how bout instead of picking up Chinese food in NYC you run a few homeless over there!!!!

Dump’em back on Bloomy!!!


At least one longtime employee of the shelter (who has now gotten a more lucrative job) credited Sr. Norberta, who started the shelter, for getting him off alcohol and off the streets. You will not get fed if you are obviously high or drunk. If you want to sleep there, you have to be off substances, in a group, and either working or job training, with $$ from each paycheck going into a fund for getting an apartment.

Dumping went on long before the shelter came to Hoboken. In the 1980s, my husband was walking in Hoboken when a couple of bedraggled people came up to him and said they had been in a psychiatric hospital in Manhattan, when all of a sudden they were put in a van, driven through the tunnel, and put out on the street here. They asked him where was the nearest church so that they could find someone to help them figure out what to do next.


Excellent points Strand Tramp!!!

The shelter in this town is the equivalent of a bar for alcoholics!!! At least those guys pay for their drinks!!!
Unless their Double H Hoboken Homeless!!!!

How bout a good old fashioned round up and haul ’em out of town!!!!

I’m tired of that goofball in front of Hoboken Bagels hassling people for money….and that other character sleeping in peoples doorways!!!

All you Teak Types why don’t you give those homeless a job or take them home to your place!!!

Bet you won’t see any ex-homeless employees at All Saints Development!!!!

Hey LaBruno how bout instead of picking up Chinese food in NYC you run a few homeless over there!!!!

Dump’em back on Bloomy!!!



why 5 years ,do it asap.


how people who are against the death penalty are not at least for it in all cases where law enforcement officials are killed is beyond me.
this guy should be fried within 5 years. won’t be, but should.