4th Ward Politics – or is it?


I really hope there’s a firm (and legal) winner in this Tuesday’s 4th ward “thrice” over election. I can now totally understand why many people get turned off by corrupt Hudson County politics. Because there’s a lot of NOTHING going on.


I remember politics being about *the issues*, and not about who said what, who fraudulently did this, did that, who’s backing who, where did your money come from, blah, blah blah. Even on a national level, the fluffy politicians still seem to be talking about their “platforms” or their stance on the world today. Here in Hoboken, it seems to have been dragged down to the muddy and murky lowest level imaginable. And who loses? The residents.

4th Ward resident, I’m not. But the past few weeks have been stressful even for me, Mr. Uptown Resident. I see smear campaigns, questionable voter registration tactics, and pretty much the whole bag of “suspicious” actions and accusations taking place. But where are the “issues”?

I know poor Dawn Zimmer has tried to bring the issues to light, but the dark cloud of Hudson County politics has taken center stage. Like why wasn’t there a DEBATE between the two candidates? Whoa, wouldn’t that have been a great idea? And for the record, why have you been “in the shadows” Mr. Campos? What do you stand for? Your website doesn’t say much. I’d love to hear more.. for real. I would. The frustrating thing is that during Dawn’s brief tenure as 4th Ward Councilwoman, Campos was off-radar. Only until this “challenge” made Dawn rescind her council seat for the benefit of over 100 voters who’d be tortured in court has he now become visible. Was there illegal voting tactics being used by BOTH sides? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Is there a difference between “supporting an idea” and “coming up with solutions”? There’s a difference between “naming a park after someone” and really managing a ward in a city. While it’s warm and fuzzy, it’s not a real “accomplishment”.

The stress has hit me from both sides. I have received emails blasting me from both Zimmer and Campos supporters about what is going on here on Hoboken411.

I run an open forum, believe it or not. I don’t “pick” the sides nor do I “assign” an equal number of supporters for both sides. Ideally, that would be great to have an even debate about the issues, and the candidates themselves, but this has turned disgusting in my opinion. I cannot control who uses this website (in terms of voter demographics). I can tell you for certain that there are more Zimmer supporters on here than Campos. Is that the “perfect debate world”? No. Is that my doing? No.

Some have even accused me of “allowing” one thing or another. Way off base. I invite anyone down to spend a day (24 hrs) with me to see what I do, what I read, and how this site is run. Do I follow the “4th Ward Race” thread like the ardent supporters of any candidate? Hell no. No way I can. I’m running this whole “Hoboken” website, and it’s not called “Hoboken4thWard.com”, is it?

But this site is NOT owned by Zimmer or any other politician. And I’d appreciate it if the pro-Zimmer folks would at least give the opportunity to Campos supporters to have their “word” regardless if you agree with it or not. That is what debate is all about. If the Campos supporters are not talking about “the issues”, well then that is their fault. If it results in mudslinging and smear tactics, then it just becomes an ugly mess no one gives 2 cents about.

In a dream world, I’d love to see a healthy discussion about what each candidates platforms are, what their differences are, and so on.

Perhaps, for the next 32 hours, I’d like to see a BONAFIDE comparison between the candidates, regardless of this smear-crap that has been going on. Talk PURELY about what each candidate stands for, what their accomplishments have been (if any.. not just “I voted for”), etc. Does anyone understand what I’m talking about?

Frankly, I cannot wait for this election to be over.

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oh yeah, surely it’s just a matter of time before someone decent wins. with more educated professionals moving to the ward, if it’s not Zimmer winning this time, then maybe by next time there will be enough of them to finally reach a tipping point and remove the old school 1900’s political feel from the ward.
…but i’d like to have it happen now – today…
btw, how come i have NEVER ever seen Campos anywhere. i’ve seen Zimmer numerous times outside her headquarters or near the PATH. in all seriousness, is he embarrassed to come out in public since he is an alleged criminal??
i ask seriously…
Campos, lees este?


As more new people move into the 4th, register to vote, and due so, basically the old politics will end up biting themselves in the bum.


You are 100% correct.

What an embarrassment for someone accomplishing so little.

Look at all those who really supprt him from the council. Yeah right, I’m sure they have Hoboken’s interests at heart. More like their own interests.

The spreading of lies in mailers reminds me of the person
who ended up losing decisively in the 5th ward.
What a loser! Oh yeah, of course, he supoorts him also.


[quote comment=”51733″][quote comment=”51706″]Where can we get updates on vote tallies, etc?[/quote]
Tunnout looks good for Dawn. This is definately winnable today. If you have a spare hour come to 411 First Street and be part of something historic.[/quote]

Come and just hang out ?


If I honestly believed that Dawn Zimmer would push HHA residents out of town — a truly evil position for any politician to take AFAIC — then I would’ve held my nose and voted for Campos (warts and all). Of course, this is so far from the truth — if anything, Campos is the one who’s threatening HHA residents (both by taking developer money and sending out McCann and his goons to threaten “wayward” HHA residents) — that Campos’s assertions regarding same are absolutely scurrilous. It’s just another example of just how textbook Freudian Campos’s entire re-election campaign has been — i.e., projecting his own faults (corruption, hypocrisy, outright contempt for HHA residents [as well as everyone else who lives in the 4th Ward]) onto Ms. Zimmer. Lord knows it can be an effective technique, but I sincerely hope that it doesn’t work this time for ol’ Drinky-Drink.

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