Legal Beans reopening

Hoboken Legal Beans reopening; new menu, later hours & delivery

3/12/2012 Update:

Good Food News in Hoboken NJ legal beans reopening March 2013 - Legal Beans reopeningHere’s an exciting update from Legal Beans owner Chris. (I’m particularly excited about their new menu offerings!)

“If everything goes well, we are planning on opening by the end of this week! Without question this is a new beginning for us and we are extremely pleased with our new creation and what it will offer to our Hoboken family.

Besides the eclectic menu that our customers can order from anytime we are open, we will also be offering incredible cuisines from our awesome buffet table for lunch (11am to 2pm) and dinner (5pm to 8pm). Our cuisines will include Spanish, Mexican, Italian, BBQ, Soups and Salads, Seafood and many other entrees.

In addition, we also are very excited to announce that we will now be open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. Furthermore, we will be offering full delivery service during our hours of operation but we will be closed on Tuesdays.”

Awesome news from a favorite Hoboken eatery!

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Legal Beans reopening in Hoboken NJ after Hurricane Sandy - Legal Beans reopening

Legal Beans reopening in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy


Those that might have been worried that Legal Beans down at 86 Garden Street would be closing after Hurricane Sandy – need not fret!

The Legal Beans reopening may come as soon as mid-March, according to owner Chris.

He said the storm was almost a blessing in disguise, despite the many months of lost business.

Because rather than dealing with permit headaches from City Hall to make the cosmetic changes he had been pondering for years – the storm ended up destroying some of the interior non-load bearing walls – and gave him almost a “blank canvas” to work with when putting it all back together.

Don’t you just love it? Some exciting new changes on the way, too…

Legal Beans Buffet in Hoboken NJ - Legal Beans reopening

Great changes coming to Legal Beans in Hoboken, NJ

Spoke with Chris yesterday – and learned about some exciting new developments as well!!

  • When they reopen, in addition to their awesome new Legal Beans BBQ offerings (pulled pork, brisket, etc.) – they’ll also have an open buffet each day. For select periods during lunch and early dinner – a variety of “ready to go” foods will be available. From various salads and sides (pay by weight) to tasty BBQ chicken pieces (pay per piece) – now anxious customers can instantly prepare the dish of their choosing. Nice!
  • Additionally – and this will excite people who forget how to live beyond their Hoboken 4 block radius – Legal Beans will for the first time offer DELIVERY! They’re going all out to accommodate everyone – including those that only know about online ordering (from the likes of or, etc.)

When asked whether the buffet would impact his seating capacity, he wasn’t worried – as he anticipates most of his business coming from pick-up, delivery and catering anyway, and will still have sufficient seating. The most popular eating-in days I’d suspect would be outdoors in the warmer months anyway.

Can’t wait to try it when they reopen!

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Friday, March 22, 2013 5:32 pm

Legal Beans wasn’t open yet today either.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 4:02 pm

I’m not going to lie, the new menu and buffet sound awful. I loved the food at legal beans before the storm, and my only problem there was that it was a small space and the seating was cramped. Now adding a giant buffet table in the middle of the room, along with people constantly getting up and down for trips to the buffet line, it sounds like it will be an uncomfortable dining experience. Also, their old menu was delicious, and the new food sounds like it is going in a completely different direction from the breakfast/lunch food that customers loved. When restaurants try to do too much (Sapnish, Mexican, BBQ, Seafood, etc as stated above), they often lack quality as the quantity of offerings increases.

I’ll definitely give it a shot, but I’m sad to see these changes and fear that they will lose the customer base that they had.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 7:57 am

This sounds wonderful! Since I live on 14th Street I don’t get to Legal that often, and delivery would be great for us on this end of town. Legal will certainly pick up a lot of new customers. Looking forward to the reopening and wishing them much success.

Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12:37 pm

I actually never made it in here prior to the storm damage, though I drive by all the time. This time around I plan to stop in often. Glad things turned out so well for them!

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