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Google Glass user spotted driving car in New Jersey

Soon, driving a car is going to be a tight-rope walk between life and death. As if cell phones aren’t bad enough with texting and status updating. Now apparently drivers can surf porn while driving 80mph on the highway. I spotted one of the (what 1,500?) beta testers of Google Glass speeding on the highway during a recent road-trip.

I mean really – how much “in the know” do you need to be in while you’re traveling? How did we do it before technology consumed our lives?

While I’m not for government intervention for anything a person chooses to do, as long as they don’t infringe on another person or their property, this is worrisome enough that some places are considering banning Google Glass while driving. But enforcement is another issue.

Life would be so much easier if everyone just had common sense. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if that was the case.

Should google glass be banned like cell phones in cars - Google Glass

Google Glass hype – last stop before brain implants?


People in Hoboken are already tethered to their smartphones and tablets almost continually. Now Google Glass is on the radar.

Google Glass - Google Glass

Hyper-connectivity: Is Google Glass just a bit too much?

Imagine having your computer, or “smart” device connected to your brain at all times while you’re awake? Google glass may possibly the final step before the chips are actually just implanted inside your skull.

Now while Google co-founder Sergey Brin said that it’s better than people having their heads down in their cell phones, don’t you think these fruity shades are going to add more problems?

  • When you’re out and about – it’s going to be difficult to tell if the person is looking at you or the little Google Glass screen.
  • Video. When people film with their phones, at least you can tell. Now you won’t be able to tell the difference.
  • Who wants a population of people that are essentially walking spy cams?

Below is a video some British guy made, basically mocking the commercial that Google used to promote this device. Pretty funny if you ask me.

And here’s another viewpoint from GreenWave TV’s Chris Green, who’s worried about where all this technology is taking us:

When Google Glass comes out, are you going to buy one?

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Reminds me of the movie “The Jerk”….