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Does Hoboken Leprecon add “character?”

Hoboken Leprecon add any character - Hoboken Leprecon VideoHoboken Leprecon is just two days away.

And it brings up an interesting question, especially since Mayor Zimmer talked about the “character” of our city when she was interviewed about Hoboken Flood Walls.

For the past two years, the Mayor has nixed the annual St. Patrick’s Parade that traditionally was held on the first Saturday each March.

The parade was canceled in the name of preventing drunken violence, lewd behavior and damage to property.

However, that hasn’t stopped local bar owners from organizing their own event on the same day. Hoboken Leprecon is basically the same as the St. Patrick’s Parade, minus the historic tradition, family-oriented nature, and general celebration of the Irish culture. It’s now simply a reason to spend money and drink. Nothing more, nothing less. A bar crawl.

Instead, some residents say that you’re only left with what would be considered the most potentially negative parts the parade (alcohol-infused idiocy and disruption of peace). While bar owners and other shops loved the parade days, because they’d receive multiple times their average daily revenue. But now that the parade is gone – what have you accomplished?

  • Do inebriated gangs of people wearing green (and not understanding why) stumbling around add character to Hoboken? Or is it just an embarrassment?
  • Did canceling the parade take away from the character of Hoboken?

Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like last year (in the early afternoon). Turnout was estimated to be only 25% of previous parade years. Weather forecasts now indicate a relatively seasonable day (mainly cloudy), and shouldn’t hurt turnout.

Will we have more revelers this year over last?

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Behold the power of green

Hoe-Bro-Ken & Barbie

and comical super-zero The Incredulous Bulk


Rational-You are absolutely right and I am correct.
Yes, a bunch of dumb youngsters hiding behide their Facecrap site did indeed organize this. They also should then pay for any mess they make: their vomit, urine and crap in the streets.
Pay for the cops OT as well as the EMT’s for the property damage, car accidents fights, sexual assualts, etc…..go to the Police Blotter from the last few yrs to see what goes on (and the emergency rm for that matter)

Yes, true maybe some bar owners don’t want the headache, but their cash registers don’t mind. Its a shame when people in town feel they have to leave or go away that weekend to avoid this.

And as for the parade, go to Jersey City or Bayonne. See how their parades go. Those are not dry towns, thye have bars/clubs/restaurants…..compare the issues. Thats all we’re say’n.

No one’s against fun…..just the idiots that , well, act like idiots is the main complaint.


The bar owners did not start Leprecon. It was an effort of the younger crowd to continue the party via social media. It’s actually been a challenge to get the bar owners to fully participate with specials and offers as you will notice on the various sites. Although they undoubtedly benefit, the bar owners are by no means leading this effort.

As for canceling the parade, it’s become apparent that we are now just left with negative aspect of the day. This year will be pretty telling as to how this effort will survive in the coming years. Social media push has been down compared to last year so we may see it flame out after a failed attempt.

The number of attendees at 25 percent seems very conservative but it’s all a guess without real data. What is clear is that the younger crowd will come and the antics will continue. Why not have the one positive aspect?


Thank you Hobo. 411 for bringing this up. I emailed your site the other day about another so-called ‘crawl’ on St Patty’s weekend (March 15-17). Tkts were being sold via Groupon at Teak and Hoboken Bar and Grill for an entire weekend of “crawling’ in Hoboken. Do those who oppose this behavior know about this added on event? So, that means 2 weekends of this “character-building”. Good going endorsing this Mayor and Council. Not against fun or partying, but look at what happens when this time of yr. rolls around. Let’s see: the characters at City Hall prove constantly they don’t care. they are glad to grab their ankles and bend for the bar/restaraunt owners. Have you seen the signs that say “Rebuild Hoboken on Hobokens St. Patrick’s Day March 2nd”. Really? These same bar owners who tried to sell everything and anything by candlelight days after the storm, with well-documented places jacking up the prices? So now they get greedy with two weekends, not to mention how business is when all the festivals are being held. The ‘character’ of attendee’s? I have personally seen property damaged (my own and others), as well as several assualts (and mostly females fighting!!) As early as 7:00am when leaving for work I’ve seen people already coming into town in their ‘green garb’. Parents must be so proud of their skanked out daughters and all muscle-no brain sons and their behaviors that day (and that includes the frat boy/girl mentality of the apt. and… Read more »


Pappy, your point about celebrating responsibly is well taken. But if you’re using the canceled St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a basis to argue that City Hall is beholden to the bar owners, you could use some help in logical reasoning. By canceling the parade, the City actually cost the bars a significant amount of business. 411’s estimate above, for whatever that might be worth, is that there were 75% fewer people in town last year compared to years past. In fact, reading your post and your concerns about past Parade days, you should be on City Hall’s side on this one – anyone who was in Hoboken for last year’s LepreCon knows that things were under much better control. Here’s the NY Times article about the significant drop in idiocy (which cites to 411, incidentally) – nytimes.com/2012/03/05/nyregion/hob...de.html?ref=stpatricksday&_r=0 And answering 411’s question about “what have you accomplished” by canceling the parade, the answer – based on last year – is A LOT for the betterment of Hoboken. It’s a shame that the parade became associated with the drunken nonsense of the past 10-12 years, but if the parade organizers are genuine in their desire to continue the proper tradition and “spirit” of the day that was mentioned by the parade organizer, why don’t they accept the City’s offer to hold the parade on a different day? It wasn’t actually on St. Patrick’s Day to begin with, so what’s wrong with a weeknight? According to Bill Coughlin of the parade committee,… Read more »